Instant email previews

Testing times have gone from ten minutes to just seconds. Making sure your email looks great in every client and device has never been easier or faster.

Build, test, and troubleshoot in real-time

Build your email in our web-based editor and get instant previews in 40+ email clients as you go. Every change you make updates your previews in real time, so you can build, test, and troubleshoot faster than ever before. Ensure your email looks great everywhere, every time.

Take the fear out of sending

See how your email appears in popular inboxes and get a checklist of improvements. Is your email making a good first impression in the inbox? Do all of your images work? Are the links going to the right place? Is your email broken? Get the peace of mind you need before pressing send.

Data you won’t get from your email software

Measure the gaps between opens and clicks to see how long subscribers stay engaged with your email. See who opens your email in Outlook, Gmail, and iPhone. Identify fans and evangelists with insight into who forwards or prints. Pinpoint where in the world your subscribers opened with geolocation data.