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Litmus Data Services: Get More from Your Analytics

Litmus Data Services takes the guesswork out of how to effectively utilize your Litmus data with reports and actionable insights to improve your next campaign.

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Email Analytics Insights

A monthly or quarterly report that includes:

  • AnalyticsAn analysis of your most recent campaigns
  • BucketDesign and content optimization opportunities
  • Bar graphAdditional visualizations that complement existing Litmus data

Share these takeaways with stakeholders, your team, and your clients. They can also be delivered as a value-add or resold as a complement to your professional services program.

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Subscriber Send Time Optimization

A detailed subscriber report that includes:

  • ClockThe optimal time they should receive your email
  • PhoneWhat device they are viewing on most often: desktop, mobile, or webmail
  • EmailWhat email client they are specifically using most often to view your emails

Use this data to segment your subscribers and send messages at the right time of day.

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Data Collection & Delivery

Streamline reporting with a 30-day consolidated view of your Litmus Email Analytics data:

  • FileReceive a single file combining all your data from the last month, either in aggregate or at an individual subscriber level
  • Report2Use this data to report on changes to your campaigns over time
  • SyncMap data back to your data warehouse, ESP, or CRM for additional reporting capability
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