From subject line to signature, you’re covered.

Litmus makes it easy to build, test, and monitor every email campaign so you can deliver a great brand experience and get the best results.

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Create great email for every subscriber, everywhere

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Work more efficiently and get more done

Build, edit, and instantly preview your emails across 90+ clients. Plus, utilize reusable code snippets, pre-tested templates, and connections with popular email platforms to speed production, reduce errors, and maintain brand consistency.

We rely on email to engage with our customers on a daily basis. Litmus Builder provides reliable real-time testing to ensure our customers will have the best possible mobile experience.

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Catch costly errors

Test the critical elements that impact your email performance with a simple, automated check. Catch broken links, images, and tracking, as well as test campaign load time, scan your subject line for improvements, and more—all before pressing send.

Litmus gives us great insight into how our emails render across different clients, which has reduced our QA testing time in the ever-changing landscape of email clients.

Jamie p Jamie Plankenhorn, Zillow
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Reach the inbox, not the spam folder

Stop wasting time creating emails that don’t reach your subscribers inbox. Quickly identify potential issues preventing your email from being delivered, and use actionable in-product advice to fix them.

It took us less than 48 hours to identify and fix our issue, and to get removed from the blacklists. Without Litmus, we wouldn’t have known where to start.

Melanie k Melanie Kinney, GasBuddy
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Accelerate campaign performance

Discover which email clients are popular with your audience to fine-tune testing and optimization efforts, and utilize engagement and geographic data to inform design, send time, segmentation, and copywriting decisions.

We use Email Analytics to ensure our content is always relevant and above industry trends. Without Litmus we would be flying blind on email design and engagement.

Ady p Ady Porter, Virgin Australia
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Litmus empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to send better email, faster.

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Build, test, and iterate faster than ever before. Plus, utilize insights to focus your build efforts where it matters most and create emails that perform.

Litmus for Designers
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Get full visibility into every aspect of your email program so you can pinpoint—and react to—any changes in your deliverability or audience behaviors.

Litmus for Marketers
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Create consistent, high-performing emails for your clients at scale. Plus, leverage Litmus to better position your services and win more business.

Litmus for Agencies