What is a soft bounce?

Soft bounce

A soft bounce is a temporary reason why your email couldn’t be delivered. While the delivery of the current message may have failed, you should be able to deliver your message at a later date.

Soft bounces indicate temporary delivery issues that range from serious to harmless, like:

  • You’ve been blocked because too many people from that inbox provider have marked you as spam
  • You’ve been blocked because you’re on a blacklist
  • You’re sending to someone who’s mailbox is full
  • You’re sending to someone who’s account has been temporarily suspended
  • There’s been an error or outage at the receiving mail server

While it may seem like soft bounces don’t need your immediate attention because they’re temporary by nature, they should still be closely monitored. Too many soft bounces and it will affect your deliverability, so we recommend deactivating that subscriber from your list or adding to a suppression list after three or more bounces.

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