All Questions for: Testing

  1. Setting up ESP Sync for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. How to start a spam test using an ESP connection
  3. How to use the Settings > Manage ESPs page
  4. Integrate Litmus with Your Email Service Provider
  5. Is Litmus GDPR compliant?
  6. Litmus Security: How do we keep your data safe?
  7. Litmus Builder: Ember Beta
  8. How do I use the Litmus Extension?
  9. What does an ISP do?
  10. What is CAN-SPAM?
  11. What does delivery mean?
  12. What does ‘DMARC’ stand for?
  13. What does ‘DKIM’ stand for?
  14. What does ‘opt-out’ mean?
  15. What is a soft bounce?
  16. What is a hard bounce?
  17. What is rate limiting?
  18. What is a sender policy framework?
  19. What does ‘sender reputation’ mean?
  20. What is spam?
  21. What is a spam complaint?
  22. What does ‘TINS’ stand for?
  23. What is ‘the envelope’ in email marketing?
  24. What does ‘URI’ stand for?
  25. What does ‘whitelist’ mean?
  26. What is an email preview? How is it counted?
  27. How Can I Streamline My Email Creation Process With Litmus?
  28. How do I share my Checklist results?
  29. What do I do if I don’t receive a result after my test?
  30. How do I use Litmus Builder?
  31. Can I see an overview of Litmus’s capabilities?
  32. How do I create a new email test?
  33. How do I perform a spam test?
  1. Where do I find Spam Testing?
  2. Which browsers/operating systems/platforms are used on Litmus?
  3. Why does my Litmus result look different than my local one?
  4. Why do some email clients show my email differently than others?
  5. What is the link check feature?
  6. Why wasn’t my email test received?
  7. What is Image Check?
  8. How do I publish my test results?
  9. How does each spam filter score emails?
  10. How do I submit a retest?
  11. How can I find old tests?
  12. How can I use tags to organize my tests?
  13. Is there a place I can check for any known status problems?
  14. How do I delete tests?
  15. How do I rename a Checklist test?
  16. Why can I only access the Litmus Community on my plan?
  17. What is the “Flag this email for review” button for?
  18. How can I receive notifications when my test has finished?
  19. Why aren’t my email’s images loading within the screenshots?
  20. What is the color blindness filter for email previews?
  21. Can I upload my images to Litmus for email testing?
  22. Can I download my results as a zip file?
  23. Can I view my email with images off in a client?
  24. Why is an email client unavailable for testing?
  25. Can I use Litmus to send my email campaign to my subscribers?
  26. How do I test a plain text version of my email?
  27. How do I change my “default” email clients for testing?
  28. Does Litmus provide deliverability testing or inbox monitoring?
  29. Using Litmus with ExactTarget
  30. Using Vertical Response with Litmus
  31. Using phpList with Litmus
  32. How do I request a feature or submit feedback?