All Questions for: Analytics

  1. Why do I see a spike in Yahoo! Mail opens?
  2. How do I compare email analytics campaigns
  3. What is geotargeting?
  4. What is A/B testing?
  5. Why is the tracking code showing as a broken image in my email?
  6. How do I create a new Email Analytics tracking code?
  7. How does Email Analytics actually work?
  8. Are there any limitations to Email Analytics?
  9. What is a merge tag?
  10. Do I need an email tracking code for every email I send?
  11. Why does Litmus report more opens than I expected?
  12. Why don’t I see any data tracked within my report?
  13. What data is available for export from my reports?
  14. What data fields are reported in individual level tracking CSV exports?
  15. How are engagement metrics defined?
  16. How are mobile, desktop and webmail categories defined?
  17. What does “web version” and “other” mean within my results?
  18. How do I rename, delete, or clear the data for my campaign?
  19. How do I publish my campaign report?
  20. Can I use Email Analytics without tracking Personally identifiable information (PII) for each open?
  21. How does activity tracking for prints/forwards work?
  1. How is geolocation reported?
  2. Can I include a campaign code or custom parameter in my Analytics reports?
  3. Can I use multiple tracking codes on a single email?
  4. Does Email Analytics provide click/link tracking for my campaign?
  5. What happens if I didn’t activate my code before sending?
  6. How do I change the expiration date for my tracking code?
  7. How are third-party mobile email apps reported?
  8. How are Gmail opens reported within Email Analytics?
  9. Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds
  10. What happens if I go over my plan’s monthly limit for Email Analytics opens?
  11. Does Litmus have a report on industry benchmarks for Email Analytics?
  12. Using Email Analytics with MailChimp
  13. Using Email Analytics with Blackbaud
  14. Using Email Analytics with Campaign Monitor
  15. Using Email Analytics with Constant Contact
  16. Using Email Analytics with Emma
  17. Using Email Analytics with ExactTarget
  18. Using Email Analytics in iContact
  19. Using Email Analytics in Mad Mimi
  20. Using Email Analytics with Marketo
  21. Using Email Analytics with Vertical Response