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Build your email in our web-based editor and get instant previews in over 90+ email clients as you go. Every change you make updates your previews in real time, so you can build, test, and troubleshoot faster than ever before.

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Instantly see how your email displays in over 90+ apps and devices.

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Every change you make updates your previews across all clients and devices.

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Focus your design and testing efforts in the apps your subscribers use most.

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Learn how designers integrate Litmus with their existing workflows.

Reduce manual errors

Upload code from popular cloud storage solutions and sync with your ESP to avoid copy and paste errors. Plus utilize reusable code snippets and autocompletion support for CSS to increase productivity.

Thoroughly test and review every email

See instant previews in 90+ apps and devices. Catch broken links and images and ensure the best user experience for subscribers with visual or auditory impairments.

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Save time with fully customizable templates

Browse our gallery of pre-tested templates that look great and work everywhere.

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Quickly get centralized feedback and approval on your designs.

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Intuitively create email tracking codes with custom parameters and see which email clients your subscribers use to better inform design decisions.