Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Responsive Web Design Summit

In this virtual summit, Justine will be presenting on “Responsive HTML Emails.” She’ll cover applying responsive concepts within the famously standards-adverse universe of email, how to successfully approach a responsive email project (and live through it), as well as provide examples of well-known brands building awesome responsive emails.

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Friday, April 4, 2014, Boston, MA

MassTLC Sales & Marketing Summit

At this event, Justine will be joining Brian Balfour, Damian Roskill, and Michael Yaffee, for a panel on “Building a Growth Machine: Process First, Tactics Second.”

April 23-26, Key Largo, FL

MediaPost Email Insider Summit

At the MediaPost Email Insider Summit, Matt Byrd will be moderating a panel on managing email workflow process. The panel will discuss how companies of various sizes and structures make email marketing happen on a daily basis, from copy creation to final QA steps. Matt will also be hosting a roundtable discussion on mobile email tips and trends.

April 28 - May 1, 2014, Atlanta, GA

Silverpop Amplify

Join Justine at this year’s Silverpop user conference for a mobile email design boot camp on Monday, April 28. We’ll also have a booth, so be sure to stop by to say hi, grab some swag, and ask any questions that you may have!


At this year’s ARTIFACT events, Justine will be presenting, “Responsive Email: Its Not as Bad as You Think.” Nearly four full years after Ethan's now infamous article was published, the idea of responsive email is still misunderstood at best and abhorred at worst. Having drank the "fluid + flexible kool-aid," inspired email designers have successfully applied responsive concepts within the constraints of a famously standards-adverse email universe. Set aside your cans of spam and learn how to whip your tables into submission.

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