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Improve collaboration and cut review cycles with a single, centralized tool for providing feedback and approvals.

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Get email campaigns to market faster

Proof approval

Streamline the email review and approval process

Make it easy for stakeholders to mark edits and suggestions directly on an email design image file or coded HTML draft to reduce review cycles.

Proof collaboration

Improve collaboration and maximize team efficiency

Share, consolidate, and resolve feedback throughout the email workflow in a single, centralized application with ease.

Proof groups

Increase email effectiveness with better visibility and control

Assign specific reviewers and create designated groups to get the right people involved. Or, choose to provide a public sharing link for easy, no-login viewing.

Proof simplify

Simplify the step of the email production workflow that eats up the most time

Marketers spend 4.2 hours on average having an email reviewed and securing approval. That’s more time than they spend on email copywriting, design, development, or any other component of email production.

Source: State of Email Workflows

Litmus Proof has helped us improve our workflow substantially. The ability to invite everyone into one environment and to see all feedback and comments in one place, really made us realize how much of a pain point this was for us before.

Jon Gerber, Director, Marketing Automation, ThomasARTS
Proof share

Easily share content

Share email Proofs with teammates, clients, and stakeholders with just the click of a button.

Proof email notification

Automated notifications

Alert reviewers via email and/or Slack when feedback is requested, so they know to take action. Plus, get notified when an email is approved.

Proof check links

Check links for accuracy

Click through links directly from Proof to ensure all calls-to-action route to their intended destination.

Proof multi screens

Multi-screen views

Review and collaborate on email content across desktop, mobile, and plain text views in a single Proof.

Proof vers control

Maintain version control

Keep track of all versions of email campaigns, including comments, for a complete system of record.

Proof upload

Upload files quickly

Import design and HTML files directly from popular cloud storage solutions to save time and streamline processes.

Proof designers tab

Proof for Designers

Get clear feedback on email designs

Reviewers simply click and comment directly on an email, eliminating the guesswork of stakeholder feedback.

Reduce review cycles

Consolidate and resolve edits in a single, centralized application for better visibility and fewer review cycles.

Litmus for Designers
Proof marketers tab

Proof for Marketers

Increase collaboration with stakeholders

Assign key reviewers to a Proof and enable them to add their comments—and reply to the feedback of others.

Speed up email production time

Increase efficiencies by sharing, consolidating, and resolving feedback in a single, centralized application.

Litmus for Marketers
Proof agencies tab

Proof for Agencies

Increase collaboration with stakeholders

Assign key internal and client reviewers to a Proof, so they can easily give feedback and reply to the comments of others.

Speed up email production time

Increase efficiencies by sharing, consolidating, and resolving feedback in a single, centralized application.

Litmus for Agencies

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