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Get a guided check of the critical elements that affect email performance before you send

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What can Checklist do for you?

Preview your email in 90+ apps and devices; get insights to ensure you’re testing the clients that matter most; validate your links, images, and tracking; test your email's load time; confirm emails are accessible to every subscriber; and more.

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Guided email workflow

Walk through a guided check of links, images, tracking, and other critical elements to optimize your email for opens and clicks.

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Preview emails everywhere

See screenshots of your email in 90+ popular desktop, webmail, and mobile email clients.

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Expand your reach

Maximize the impact of every email by confirming that content is accessible to subscribers of all abilities.

Test with Litmus wherever you work.

Run a Checklist directly within your email service provider with the Litmus Extension.

Never send another broken email

Think of Checklist as your pre-flight check for sending the perfect email.

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Increase your open rate

Verify that your subject line, from name, reply-to address, and preview text are all optimized.

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Create a great experience for every subscriber

Available exclusively in Litmus, hear your email transcribed by a screen reader. Plus, check HTML elements that optimize the experience for subscribers with visual or cognitive impairments.

Checklist recommended clients

Optimize for the most important email clients and devices

Get proactive recommendations based on Litmus data to notify you if your test is missing the newest or most popular clients that matter to subscribers and add them to your Checklist with a single click.

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Catch broken links

Never click links again—we’ll do it for you! Confirm that your links are working and going to their intended destination.

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Verify clicks are being tracked

Verify that your clickthroughs are being tracked by Litmus, your email marketing software, and/or Google Analytics.

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View with images off

Preview your email with images off—and get notified about which images are missing ALT text.

Checklist loading speed 2019

Optimize loading speed

Identify images that are broken, taking too long to load, or have excessive file sizes.

Share checklist test

Easily share results

Create a public version of your Checklist results to share with other members on your team.

Spam testing litmus checklist

Reach the inbox

Get your email automatically scanned against blacklists and ensure your infrastructure is set up for success.

Push litmus builder

Easily fix any issues

See an issue in Checklist? Click over to Builder and make the change, and then push your updated code to Checklist.

Checklist for Designers

Checklist for Designers

View and update your design instantly

Get screenshots of your email in 90+ popular desktop, webmail, and mobile email clients and push any changes from Builder to Checklist in a single click.

Check your code for important tags

Check HTML elements that affect how subscribers with cognitive or visual impairments experience your emails.

Verify links and images work

Catch broken links and images, verify your tracking works, and optimize for opens and clicks.

Litmus for Designers

Checklist for Marketers

Send with confidence

Get guided checks of the most critical elements that affect your email performance before you press send.

Optimize your first impression

Increase opens by verifying that your subject, from name, reply address, and preview text are optimized and links, images, and tracking work properly.

Expand your reach

Only with Litmus, view a transcript and listen to a recording of your email read by a screen reader to optimize the experience for all subscribers, including those with visual impairments.

Litmus for Marketers

Checklist for Agencies

Save hours on QA time

Save hours on your email production process by checking over every important element of your client’s email. From links, email previews, subject lines, and everything in between, check that everything is working in seconds before you press send.

Help clients adopt inclusive practices

Instantly ensure subscribers with visual or cognitive impairments can interpret your client’s message and connect with their brand.

Ensure everything has been checked

Increase collaboration across all areas of your email production teams and ensure every element of the email has been thoroughly reviewed and literally “checked off” before send.

Litmus for Agencies