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Go beyond opens and clicks

See where your subscribers open and if they read, skimmed, or deleted your email. Track forwards and prints, compare engagement by device, and more.


See where your subscribers open

Learn which devices and apps your subscribers use most and optimize more effectively, increasing your overall email performance.


Pinpoint subscriber geolocation

See the specific countries, regions, states, and cities where your subscribers are opening and make more informed design, send time, and copywriting decisions.


Track forwards and prints

Discover how many times your email is printed, or when a recipient uses the “forward” button in their email client. Note trends with email sharing, high-performing or “viral” content, and evangelist behaviors.

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Duration of engagement

See how long your subscribers spend reading your email. Compare read rates by device to identify key areas for optimization.

Inbox optimization

Here are just some of the ways email performance data informs your marketing and design decisions.

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Optimize by device

Seeing an increase in mobile opens? Consider using responsive design to provide your mobile subscribers with the best email experience possible.

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Resonate in all environments

Are subscriber read rates higher on desktop than on mobile? Maybe your content isn’t mobile friendly. Revisit your mobile design and strategy, and next time, see more engagement on mobile.

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Identify brand evangelists

See which subscribers are forwarding your emails the most. Consider rewarding those frequent forwarders by creating a loyalty program.

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Send a win-back campaign

Are the same subscribers consistently skipping over your emails? Try adding them to a “disengaged” list and send a win-back campaign.

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Segment based on location

Sending an email about an event that’s based in San Francisco? Segment your list based on subscribers who are opening in that area.

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Experiment with HTML and CSS

Rendering engine, email client, and browser data puts progressive design power in your hands. Seeing lots of WebKit opens? Try using HTML and CSS3.

Email analytics for Designers

Email analytics for Designers

Learn who’s reading your email

See which email clients and rendering engines your subscribers use to better inform design decisions.

Inform your design

Break down engagement by device and focus your optimization efforts accordingly.

Track duration of engagement

Compare read rates by device and design an optimal subscriber experience for every environment.

Litmus for Designers

Email Analytics for Marketers

Track duration of engagement

Break down your open rate to see if subscribers read, skimmed, glanced or deleted your email. Compare read rates by device and identify key areas for optimization.

Optimize for every inbox

See which apps and devices your subscribers use, how long they read, if they shared, and where they’re located to provide a much more personalized experience.

Enable your team

Easily create public analytics reports to share with other members of your team.

Litmus for Marketers

Email Analytics for Agencies

Send high-performing email at scale

Track how long subscribers engage with your clients’ emails, see which email apps and devices they’re using, where in the world they’re located, and even how long they spent reading each email.

Personalize emails for every subscriber

With data down to the individual user level, you can create robust, targeted marketing campaigns for your clients.

Streamline your reporting

Use the FTP Option (available on the Pro Plan) to make data review and use seamless. No need to download reports, or search and filter for latest data. It will automatically be sent to you each day so you can use it to power your data warehouse or CRM.

Litmus for Agencies