Litmus Email Analytics

Who read your email and who deleted it? Were they
using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it?

Device Usage

What device or email client did they use?

Litmus tracks the email client usage across your mailing lists. This is critical—focus your testing efforts and optimize email programs based on data, not your gut.

  • Apple Mail30%
  • Outlook28%
  • iPhone15%
  • Gmail14%
  • Other11%

Did they forward or print your email?

Track natural prints and forwards—right when your subscriber hits the button in the mail client—not those done via a web form. Track how many coupons got printed, or who shares your content most frequently.


Where were they when they opened?

Identify where your subscribers are around the world. Where should you host your next user group? Which time zones are most important? Have you considered content in other languages?

Export your data

Individual-level tracking

Tie email behaviors and data directly back to individual subscribers on your mailing list and export CSVs to segment, target and optimize.

Use your data to identify customers that use their iPhone regularly and send them a targeted message regarding your upcoming app. Or send a content-rich newsletter to your most engaged subscribers. Segment your list in ways you never thought were possible.

How it works

Email Analytics works with your existing email software. Here’s how:


Get tracking code We provide you with a snippet of HTML code.


Add code to email Simply paste our tracking code into your email or template.


Send and see data roll in Send as you usually do, and watch as powerful data fills in your charts and graphs.

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