2018 State of Email Service Providers

Explore top ESPs by industry, geography, company size, and more.

Frustrations with ESPs run high. Marketers told Litmus that limitations with their ESP was third on their list of biggest challenges for 2018. And 16% of brands said that changing ESPs was on their list of email marketing priorities for 2018.

In our first-ever State of Email Service Providers report, we take a detailed look at the ESP marketplace to better understand...

  • The top ESPs by geography, company size, industry, and more
  • The pace of consolidation in the industry and its causes
  • The trends that will shape the future of the ESP landscape
  • The tools and functionality provided by ESPs and how third-party tools can help balance weaknesses

Download your copy to better understand the marketplace, learn which ESPs are most popular with brands similar to yours, and get insights into how you can improve your satisfaction with your current ESP by adopting third-party tools.

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