Without question, Gmail has shaken up the email marketing world over the past year. However, rather than panic about the changes, marketers should use them to their advantage. Justine Jordan, Marketing Director here at Litmus, put it perfectly:

Email marketers are begging for innovations in email, but complain the minute one comes out. It’s time for us to adapt to change and embrace it.
Justine Jordan
Marketing Director, Litmus

It just so happens that most of Gmail’s updates leave email marketers with plenty of new opportunities. For example, quick actions can help improve your subscriber experience and the tabbed inbox is now giving email marketers even more of a reason to send targeted, relevant emails.

In addition, auto-unsubscribes can help improve delivery rates and remove disengaged members from your list. Email marketers need to stop being unnecessarily afraid of unsubscribes! They aren’t always a bad thing—they actually serve as a great feedback loop.

Featured images in the Promotions tab are providing marketers with an opportunity that they’ve never had before. In fact, Matt Byrd, Senior Email Marketing Manager, stated:

Featured images are the first evolutionary thing that’s happened in email in a long time.
Matt Byrd
Sr. Email Marketing Manager, Litmus

Through the Promotions tab, Gmail is simplifying and organizing the inbox with an emphasis on visuals. As of yet, no other email clients have been so focused on visuals (we’re anxious to see if other clients and devices will follow suit!), but it has definitely worked for social media. Email marketers should see what techniques and strategies have worked for marketers in the Pinterest realm and start doing some testing. Featured images have also added a whole other dimension for A/B testing!

So, while it would be nice if Google would partner up with marketers so we could hear about these changes before they take place, they aren’t so bad after all. Email marketers should take a deep breath and embrace the opportunities that these new features can provide them with. Jason Rodriguez, Community Manager here at Litmus, summed it up nicely:

It all comes down to sending relevant content that your subscribers actually care about and not worrying too much about everything else.
Jason Rodriguez
Community Manager, Litmus