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Making a great first impression in the inbox: How Trello uses Litmus to guarantee a consistent brand experience for all subscribers





Atlassian’s Trello team knows that when it comes to winning over new customers, successful onboarding is crucial. That’s why Chris Kaundart, Email Marketing Manager at Trello, spends lots of time and love on crafting the perfect onboarding email series. Here’s how Litmus helps the Trello team ensure that the first interactions their users have are positive—no matter where they open their emails.

The Challenge

With their automated welcome email series being the centerpiece to successful onboarding for brand new customers, Trello’s email team puts lots of effort into making those emails nothing but perfect—but with a hugely diverse audience, this can be a challenge.

Some organize their knitting projects in Trello, others use it at work where their company might manage their entire product development or customer support processes in Trello. Our users couldn’t be more diverse—and so are the ways they read email.

Chris Kaundart, Email Marketing Manager at Trello

With that, Trello has to optimize their emails for a broad range of email clients—from email clients for individual use, like Gmail, to clients popular in a business environment that might come with limited support for HTML and CSS. Plus, with a customer base spread all over the globe, Trello also has to ensure that their emails look great and perform in international inboxes.

I know that there are brands that focus on optimizing their emails for the top 5 email clients only. I don’t believe in that. At Trello, we aim for a great experience for everyone.

Chris Kaundart, Email Marketing Manager at Trello

With such a broad range of email clients to optimize for, the process of troubleshooting and optimizing their emails was cumbersome.

How Litmus Solved the Challenge

With Litmus Email Previews, Trello’s email team has a complete set of popular email clients and devices available at their fingertips, including popular consumer and business-grade email clients, as well as a broad range of international web clients.

Rather than setting up test accounts for different email clients—and manually testing every single one—Trello can now preview their emails as they build, and identify and fix rendering issues before they send.

The Results

With Litmus, Trello can preview and troubleshoot their emails faster than ever before, while at the same time ensuring that the emails they send look great and perform in all email clients.

Litmus is instrumental to making sure we have a consistently great experience for everyone.

Chris Kaundart, Email Marketing Manager at Trello

Whether their subscribers open in Gmail or a popular international email client, Trello’s team can now rest assured that each new subscriber’s onboarding experience is consistently delightful.

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