Thousands of brands across every size and industry trust Litmus to send better email, faster

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With Litmus, Trendline Interactive reduces their email testing time while keeping error rates at almost zero.

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Trello uses Litmus to guarantee a consistent brand experience for all subscribers.

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Zapier utilizes Litmus to empower their team to send error-free email at scale.

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Lenovo relies on Litmus to increase productivity and create quality email campaigns faster.

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Marketing & Advertising

Over 90% of the Top 30 US Advertising Agencies trust Litmus to create better emails for their clients.

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  • Epsilon grid logo
  • Deloitte grid logo
  • Leo burnett grid logo
  • Sapient razorfish grid logo
  • Ogilvy grid logo


7 out of the 10 Fortune 500 Top Technology brands trust Litmus to help them create an incredible email experience.

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  • Adobe grid logo
  • Oracle grid logo


The world’s leading travel brands trust Litmus to help them create better email.

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  • Expedia grid logo
  • Airbnb grid logo
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  • Lonely planet grid logo

Non-Profit and Education

The world’s leading non-profits and universities trust Litmus to help them create better email.

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  • Greenpeace grid logo
  • Wwf grid logo
  • Oxfam grid logo
  • Columbia grid logo


The world’s leading media brands trust Litmus to help them create better email.

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  • Netflix grid logo
  • Disney grid logo
  • Att grid logo
  • Financial times grid logo
  • Burda grid logo

Financial and Insurance

6 of the Top 10 US Banks trust Litmus to deliver great email experiences.

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  • Bank of montreal grid logo
  • Commerzbank grid logo
  • Prudential grid logo
  • Allianz grid logo
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