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Measuring Emails and Telling Stories
With Data

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It’s easy to get lost in the vast amount of information that you have access to in your campaigns, but it’s not as simple to step back and see what provides meaningful context. June’s theme is all about measurement and telling stories—learn ways to find and understand what is happening with your emails, and how to ask questions that will help you shape strategy and plans for the future.

Join us for back-to-back sessions to see how you can put your data to work and engage subscribers with more powerful, relevant campaigns.

Email Practitioner Session
Using Data to Drive Personalized Email Templates
11am - 12pm ET

All the data in the world is useless if you can't bring that data into your email templates. In this session, expert email developer Anne Tomlin will guide practitioners through the intricacies of designing and developing email templates with data-driven content in mind. Learn how to build campaigns with dynamic content and personalization as first-class citizens, whether its through HTML and CSS or your ESP's scripting language.

Your Expert Host

Jason Rodriguez

Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus

Your Expert Speaker

Anne Tomlin

Founder and Email Developer, Emails Y'All

Marketing Leadership Session
Why No One is Reading Your Email: A Conversation with Scott Stratten
12pm - 1pm ET

Data is dangerous in the wrong hands—or the wrong context. And, far too often, marketers focus on top-level metrics that don’t reveal the full picture. In this fireside chat with best-selling author Scott Stratten, you’ll learn why data deep dives are more telling and worth the effort, how a respect for measuring your audience honestly translates into brand loyalty and repeat customers, and why adaptability is vital for marketer leaders.

Your Expert Host

Cynthia Price

VP of Marketing, Litmus

Your Expert Speaker

Scott Stratten

President, UnMarketing

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Register once and get free access to every monthly Litmus Live Day in 2020 and Litmus Live Week in September.

Recorded live on June 16th, 2020