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Embracing Collaboration in Email Marketing

Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword–it’s essential for an effective email marketing program. Seamless collaboration ensures everyone is on the same page at every step of the workflow, boosting productivity, increasing innovation, and reducing time-to-market. This month, our presenters will share tips on how to improve collaboration amongst your team to help drive results.

Using Email Templates to Scale Production
11am - 12pm ET

One of the most important—but often overlooked—parts of email marketing is the email template itself. Email templates are the foundation of every campaign you send and, when used correctly, can be a critical part of scaling your campaign production process. Join us to learn more about what makes a truly effective email template, tools for using templates to enable better collaboration, and an inside look at how Duke Energy uses templates inside of Litmus to empower their team to build better email campaigns faster.

Your Expert Host

Jason Rodriguez

Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus

Your Expert Speaker

Scott Epple

Sr. Product Manager, Litmus

Chris Greufe

Sr. UX Designer, Duke Energy

From Brief to Metrics: Collaboration at Every Step
12pm - 1pm ET

Collaboration in your team isn’t just passing an email back and forth for review and approvals. Starting with the email brief, through understanding limitations of the template or ESP and finally sharing the performance of the campaign, details on each step of the campaign creation journey educates everyone. Our second session features an expert who has worked with dozens of brands and teams, sharing ways to set yourself up for effective collaboration for design, strategy, and every step in between.

Your Expert Host

Lauren Kremer

Events Manager, Litmus

Your Expert Speaker

Annett Forcier

Owner, Email Boutique

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