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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Litmus Live Everywhere?

Litmus Live Everywhere is the premier education event for email marketers. It’s the online version of our acclaimed in-person events, where thousands of professionals learn how to put email first in their marketing mix, design and develop better email campaigns, and learn from every email sent to create high-performing email marketing programs that drive positive business results and deeper subscriber engagement.

Litmus Live Everywhere consists of monthly sessions and workshops, a full week’s worth of sessions, Live Optimization, office hours, and more in September, and plenty of opportunities to connect with others in the email marketing industry online.

What will I learn during Litmus Live Everywhere?

Litmus Live Everywhere is a wonderful mix of both practical and inspirational sessions, taught by the leading minds in the email marketing industry. Practitioners will learn how to better conceive, design, develop, track, and test email campaigns. Marketing leaders will learn how to put email to work in their overall marketing strategy as well as lead their teams and companies to success by placing email first in their marketing mix.

Litmus Live Everywhere is one of the rare cases where there is actually something for everyone in the industry. Register now to take your email skills to the next level.

What are Litmus Live Workshops?

We’re happy to again offer hands-on workshops as part of Litmus Live Everywhere. These two-hour sessions are a great way to boost your skill set as an email developer or a general marketer or campaign manager. Workshops are offered the third Monday of every month via live webcast, and held from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Participants can learn more about the workshop schedule and register for their sessions of interest here.

And, for the first time ever, we’re offering certifications for both email marketers and email designers or developers. The Litmus Certified program builds on the first few months of workshops by giving attendees practical, in-depth projects and online testing to prove their proficiency in email marketing or design.

Both monthly workshops and Litmus certification are paid options. Monthly workshops cost $50 USD per workshop. Litmus certification costs $450 per track (marketing or design).

What are The Email First Awards?

New for 2020, The Email First Awards presented by Litmus is a program to highlight the successes of email marketing campaigns and the practitioners that make great email. The Email First Awards feature eight categories including the Innovator Award for developers and designers, the Data Storyteller Award, the Email Spirit Award, and the Email First Excellence Award. Submissions begin in July, with winners announced at the conclusion of Litmus Live Week in September. For additional details on the full list of categories and submission information, visit the Awards page.

Do I need to be a Litmus customer to attend?

No! Litmus Live Everywhere is open to the entire email marketing community, both current and non-Litmus customers.

How much does Litmus Live Everywhere cost?

The live content in Litmus Live Day and Litmus Live Week are free of charge to registrants. The cost to participate in workshops are $50 per attendee per workshop. The cost to participate in the Litmus Certified program is $450 per attendee.

All payments are processed via credit card through Eventbrite. We cannot provide individual invoicing options.

How will I access Litmus Live Everywhere content?

Once you’ve registered for either Litmus Live Day/Litmus Live Week or the workshop/Litmus Certified program, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This message will include your link, so save this message! On the day of live sessions, use this link and provide your name and email address to be taken to the webcast. If you’ve registered successfully but do not have your confirmation email, check your spam or junk folder, or email and we’ll be happy to provide you with the access link.

Are Litmus Live Everywhere sessions recorded?

The live content in Litmus Live Day and Litmus Live Week will be recorded and made available to access by registrants shortly after concluding.

Can I record or stream Litmus Live Everywhere?

While short audio or video clips can be used for blogging or press coverage, we ask that you refrain from recording or live streaming Litmus Live Everywhere sessions. We record and release the sessions for attendees anyways, so there shouldn't be a need to record them on your own. If you are using clips for a blog post, social media, or similar, please keep them to under a minute. Reach out if you have questions.

How do I become a speaker for Litmus Live Everywhere?

We’re happy to accept speaking proposals for Litmus Live Week in September. The call for proposals is open from Tuesday, May 5, 2020 through Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Individuals who are interested in submitting a proposal may do so through this form.

Do you have sponsors for Litmus Live Everywhere?

Unlike in years past, Litmus Live Everywhere is free (outside of workshops). Since we’re moving online for 2020, we don’t have traditional sponsorships outside of select Litmus partners.

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