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August 21, 2018

etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate
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Elevate your email strategy, process, design, and development

Join leading experts in London and learn the latest in email marketing. With sessions on everything from data-driven design to advanced personalization, improved workflows, and more, you’ll leave with dozens of ideas to improve the performance of your email campaigns.

Litmus Live London is over. Read all about it on the Litmus blog.

“Useful, real-world content”

96% of attendees said they'd attend Litmus Live again, and 99% would recommend Litmus Live to a friend


Learn email design, strategy, and development

With sessions on data-driven email design, lifecycle campaign planning, cross-channel strategies, tools to automate email development, and more—there's something for everyone. And since this isn't a user or customer conference, anyone is welcome to attend!

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Stephanie mckay
Stephanie McKay
Senior Graphic Designer, DIA

“Had so many “aha!” moments during the last two days. Geeking out with kindred email spirits—this is my Disneyland!”

Alex kelly
Not Just Pretty Numbers
Alex Kelly, MailChimp
Brenton anderson
Brenton Anderson
Email Dev, Southwest Airlines

“The communal and collaborative nature of the conference is great. I’ve been able to learn and network without being sold to.”

Vicky ge 2
Experimenting with Personalization
Vicky Ge, Amazon
Kayla beck
Kayla Beck
Marketing Manager, Southwest Airlines

“Awesome conference. Could you guys be any more nerdy? I mean that in a good way!”

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Chris francis
Chris Francis
Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics

“Really impressed. Best industry conference I have attended. Really practical take aways.”

Eric ross
Email Delivery—What a Process!
Eric Ross, Progressive Insurance
Kristin wark
Kristin Wark
RM Strategist, Intouch Solutions

“This much insight and nerd ♡ in all one place—cannot find that anywhere else.”

Erin emilyann
Using Preheaders and Emojis to Make a Memorable First Impression
Erin Alemdar & Emilyann Key, Whereoware
Aaron chamernik
Aaron Chamernik
UI/UX Dev, O’Reilly Auto

“Thanks to the Litmus team for all the time & effort for putting this event together! It was my first email conference and I am buzzing with ideas to bring back to my office.”

Conference venue & accommodations

etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate serves as the conference venue for attendees.

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etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate
Address: Liverpool St
Phone: 020 3735 4400

etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate is conveniently located in the heart of the City of London at Liverpool Street Station.

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In response to attendee feedback, we've streamlined the London conference to reduce ticket costs and travel commitments. Litmus Live London is a single-day event on 21 August.

Litmus Live London features a full day of in-depth breakout sessions, community and speaker networking opportunities, and more. All conference sessions are recorded and attendees will receive slides and videos from all three cities.

Tuesday - 21 August, 2018
Registration + Light Breakfast
Welcome + Opening Remarks
The Role of Email in Successful Omnichannel Marketing Programs

Lauren Kremer, Marketing Lead, Global Campaigns & Programs, ProQuest

More info

As email marketers, we recognize the power of email to meet customer needs, while driving revenue and brand goals. What we lack is the ability to stay top-of-mind for these same customers throughout their digital journey through social media, online events, paid search, and more. We’ve validated our industry, but phase two is here: omnichannel marketing as the status quo. While it may be intimidating at first, fitting email into omnichannel marketing programs is achievable for any organization, regardless of market.

Lauren Kremer
At ProQuest, Lauren Kremer helps researchers around the world connect with resources to enhance learning and insights. She uses her years of email and digital marketing experience to make customers true partners in the journey. When not designing, deploying, and analyzing emails, Lauren contributes to Women of Email and enjoys helping others empower their expertise in our industry. She also loves spending time with her family, re-watching The West Wing or Parks and Recreation, crafting, and keeping up-to-date on current events, with healthy doses of cupcakes thrown in for good measure.
Using Psychology to Create High-Performance Emails

Jonathan Pay, Consultant, Holistic Email

More info

Chances are that you’re creating email without a full understanding of your audience’s behaviors and preferences. But real value is created when we fully understand who we’re emailing at a psychological level. By applying different principles from psychology and marketing to email—including personality types and cognitive biases—we can craft more compelling, high-performing campaigns that drive engagement with your audience.

Jonathan Pay
Holistic Email
With over 12 years of experience in email marketing, Jonathan is the world's first second-generation email marketer. Having worked for service providers, agencies, and brands, he brings along an understanding of code, design, and strategy with a focus on excellent customer experiences.

Fixing Enterprise Email with Design Systems

Fabio Carneiro, Senior Product Designer,

More info

As email programs become more complex, it’s becoming difficult for organizations to scale and manage their email campaigns while staying flexible, efficient, and on-brand. By creating a design system and a reusable pattern library of email templates, developers can ease the pain of email creation across dozens of email types and multiple teams—all while keeping emails consistent across even the biggest companies.

Fabio Carneiro
Fabio Carneiro is an accomplished product designer, email developer, and the pioneer of hybrid email development. Currently, he spends his days redefining email design at, and previously spent eight years at MailChimp helping more than 15 million MailChimp users across the world send better email. He's passionate about helping others conquer email design, and has given talks at Litmus Live, Smashing Conference, and ConvergeSE, recorded courses for Skillshare and Treehouse, and shared his expertise in publications like Smashing Magazine and Smashing Book.
Building an Email Growth Model

Ed Burrows, Retention Lead, Phiture

More info

Ever feel like you’re just running random tests without knowing whether or not they’ll have any impact? Or perhaps you’ve had some success but don’t know what to test next? With an email growth model, you can confidently find and leverage optimization opportunities to improve your campaigns. Learn how to apply growth principles to email programs to build a framework for designing experiments that increase conversions and get the most value out of your subscribers.

Ed Burrows
Ed Burrows is the retention lead at the mobile growth consultancy Phiture. Previously global head of email and lifecycle marketing at SoundCloud, he now specialises in optimising retention for mobile apps using email and mobile channels.

Keep Subscribers Engaged with Better UX

Ade-Lee Adebiyi, Lead UX/UI Designer,

More info

Most email designers and developers work under tight deadlines, leaving design and user experience as an afterthought. Emails are built entirely with images, and little thought is put into designing considerate campaigns that keep subscribers engaged. However, by applying fundamental UX principles—like hierarchy, imagery, whitespace, and typography—early on in the design process (and translating them into your email’s HTML and CSS), we can create compelling email campaigns that finally put the subscriber experience first.

Ade-Lee Adebiyi
Ade-Lee is the Lead UX/UI Designer at in Newcastle, UK. He believes in clean, consistent, and thoughtful design. Prior to, Ade-Lee worked as a Web Designer at SaleCycle, delivering behavioural marketing solutions to brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Virgin Atlantic and Harvey Nichols. Ade-Lee is a father to a cheeky 5-year-old and an adorable Cockapoo named Biscuit. He is also an avid gamer and fashion enthusiast.
Lost in Translation: Crafting Emails in 15 Different Languages

Aiste Juknaite, Senior EMEA CRM Marketing Manager, Uber
Chevawn Blum, EMEA CRM Marketing Manager, Uber

More info

Think global, act local. That’s the business mantra of everyone from big conglomerates to small startups. The question is, how do you cater for users all over the globe without having a team in every country? At Uber we build emails for up to 76 language locales and know how easy it is to make mistakes. During our session, we invite you to learn from our biggest mistakes and get tips on improving your localization process along the way. Leave with a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for talking to your subscribers, regardless of where they are in the world.

Aiste Juknaite & Chevawn Blum
Coming from a marketing analytics and project management background, Aiste is focused on automating, tracking and developing tools for Uber Eats CRM in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Every day, Aiste works on sustainably making Uber Eats the top choice whenever there is an appetite for more, and especially when there’s none.

Chevawn joined Uber in 2015 and quickly found her niche in CRM. Her focus since joining the Uber Eats team has been developing email as a sales channel and bulk non-automated communication. Her dearest ambitions are to rid the world of spam and market her own range of sporks.

Tracking Interactive Email for Better Performance

Cyrill Gross, Senior Consultant & Partner, Mayoris

More info

Interactive email has evolved from the geeks’ favorite toy to a serious tool in the email marketing toolbox. But effectively tracking the performance of interactive campaigns hasn’t… yet. Learn about the technical aspects of tracking interactive emails, the influence of fallbacks and CSS on open and click metrics, and how to measure, analyze, and improve the performance of interactive email campaigns.

Cyrill Gross
With a background in electronics and software engineering, Cyrill Gross has worked in email marketing for over 10 years. Today, he’s a senior consultant for Mayoris, focusing on email and omnichannel marketing automation. His technical background and passion for email innovation and thinking outside of the box allows him to find solutions few would even think about.
Live Optimization

Conference attendees will have an opportunity to participate in this fun and fast-paced session packed with A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, and optimization tips. Experts from Litmus will lead the discussion, crowdsourcing advice and best practices to take back to the office.

How to Switch ESPs Without the Headache

Steph Rostron, Creative Lead, UNiDAYS
Beth Howard, CRM Manager, UNiDAYS

More info

Moving from an in-house email system to a third-party email service provider is never easy, especially for a company that sends over 40 million campaigns a year. Yet, with a little planning and strategy, switching ESPs can be a lot easier. Get tips on planning your move between ESPs, including how to set yourself up for success, why compromise wins the day, how to set effective end goals, and everything else you need to consider before hitting send on that first email.

Steph Rostron
Steph Rostron is a creative lead at UNiDAYS where she helps to connect global brands with the hard-to-reach Gen Z audience. Obsessed with all things email, she combines creative, code, UX, and CRM strategy to land the perfect brand experience in the inbox of millions of students.
Beth Howard
Beth Howard is a CRM manager at UNiDAYS where she manages taking Gen Z through their lifecycle, from registering with UNiDAYS, to everyday engagement, to the day they have to say goodbye. She combines data-driven know-how with a slick CRM strategy in order to get the right things in front of students, at the right time, through the right channel.

Beyond the GIF: Animate Emails with CSS

Kristian Robinson, Senior Email Developer, CACI Ltd.

More info

Want to know how to add animation and excitement to your campaigns without relying on GIFs and videos? ‘Faux video’ is one of your best options. Learn how to build faux videos using CSS, why you may want to choose faux videos over more traditional animation methods, and the value of experimentation and creativity in email development.

Kristian Robinson
Kristian is the senior email developer at CACI Email Studio in London. When not building templates and bespoke emails for clients, he enjoys exploring creative design and development techniques for email. A previous obsession with background images has since led to the creation of the industry-famous Fargo email, two interactive Sonic the Hedgehog games, an ALIEN themed game email, and what eventually became known as faux video.
Stay Compliant: Emailing the GDPR Way

Darine Fayed, Head of Legal & Data Protection Officer, Mailjet

More info

We’re all overwhelmed with the “Do you still want to hear from us?” and “We’ve updated our privacy policy” emails. Even with the May 25th deadline past, companies are still scrambling to get GDPR compliant, especially with their email marketing programs. Discover the biggest changes email marketers need to deal with when sending campaigns as well as the affects the GDPR has on larger email industry trends.

Darine Fayed
An attorney licensed in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Paris, Darine Fayed has vast experience with international contracts, corporate law, and IP protection. She joined Mailjet as their head of legal in July 2016. With a bachelor's of science degree in finance, Darine has a strong business sense that helps the company identify proactive solutions all the while protecting its interests and managing the impact of external factors. She has put in place internal corporate governance policies and has elaborated the company’s data privacy and protection measures, ensuring GDPR compliance for 2018.

A Deep Dive into Email Accessibility

Mark Robbins, Email Hacker, REBEL

More info

Accessibility matters. Whether your motivation is ethical, legal, or financial, the simple fact is that having accessible emails ensures more people can consume your content. Learn the basics of email accessibility—including common mistakes and misconceptions—before diving into accessibility for more advanced email techniques like dynamic images and interactive emails.

Mark Robbins
Mark Robbins is an email developer at REBEL, specialising in interactive email and email accessibility. He has spoken at numerous conferences across Europe and the United States, written code for email campaigns for many large global brands, and consulted with clients to help improve code rendering and accessibility.
Improving Engagement Through Feedback Mechanisms

Leonie Jonker, Retention Manager, Paula's Choice Skincare

More info

We usually interpret more than we observe. Think you know how your customers experience your lifecycle campaigns, processes, and email messages? Stop guessing and start asking. By using feedback mechanisms—like surveys—in your campaigns, you can get hard data on your subscribers and their preferences, improving your emails, product, and ROI in the process.

Leonie Jonker
Paula's Choice Skincare
Leonie is the retention manager for Paula’s Choice Skincare at the European head office in The Netherlands. Together with her team, she is responsible for the brand’s email marketing and retention of customers in the European markets. Five years ago, her career switched from direct marketing to email marketing. That’s when her love for email and customer experience really ignited, as she realized that email is the next best thing for being able to communicate face-to-face with your customers.

The Great Interactivity Debate


More info

Interactive email has been on everyone’s minds for the past few years. But how important is it really? In this panel discussion moderated by Jason Rodriguez from Litmus, leading email experts will weigh in on the interactivity debate, answering some of the biggest questions surrounding the topic: Should we be using interactive emails? How do you even track performance? And will Google’s AMP for Email initiative completely change the field?

Jason Rodriguez
Ask An Expert + Networking

Get 1:1 time with speakers and industry experts to ask questions and get advice. Attendees will also have an opportunity to join small group networking tables to meet other users of common ESPs and peers in their industry.

Improving Team Communication with Better Feedback

Louise Lundberg, Digital Designer, GANT AB

More info

Working cross-department is tricky. One misunderstanding can derail even the best teams, leading to inefficiency, poor performance, and animosity. Even the most critical feedback doesn’t have to be a negative experience. By learning how to effectively deliver feedback—good and bad—we can build a culture of feedback across teams, leading to more positive workplaces and more effective email marketing programs in the process.

Louise Lundberg
Louise Lundberg is a digital designer at GANT, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s an unofficial diplomat for cross-team workflows and relationships and has been helping companies with branding and communication for over 6 years. Working in a variety of roles, she knows the importance of solid and open communication in driving success.
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Each location offers a slightly different schedule and agenda; speakers and sessions will vary. Check out the city-by-city comparison.

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Event Date August 21, 2018 September 17-19, 2018 November 8-9, 2018
Event Venue Etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate Westin Copley Place Park Central Hotel
Days of Content 1 2 1.5
Workshops 0 4 3
Number of Attendees 250 475 350

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