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September 21 - 22, 2017

Park Central Hotel
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Learn email design, strategy, and development

With sessions on data-driven email design, lifecycle campaign planning, cross-channel strategies, tools to automate email development, and more—there's something for everyone. And since this isn't a user or customer conference, anyone is welcome to attend!

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“Useful, real-world content”

96% of attendees said they'd attend Litmus Live again, and 99% would recommend Litmus Live to a friend

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Stephanie mckay
Stephanie McKay
Senior Graphic Designer, DIA

“Had so many “aha!” moments during the last two days. Geeking out with kindred email spirits—this is my Disneyland!”

Eric lepetit
Interactive Email from Design to Deployment: A Brand Perspective
Eric Lepetit, Nest
Brenton anderson
Brenton Anderson
Email Dev, Southwest Airlines

“The communal and collaborative nature of the conference is great. I’ve been able to learn and network without being sold to.”

Vicky ge
Hey, Listen! Identifying, Measuring, and Using Implicit and Explicit Customer Signals
Vicky Ge, Amazon
Kayla beck
Kayla Beck
Marketing Manager, Southwest Airlines

“Awesome conference. Could you guys be any more nerdy? I mean that in a good way!”

Ivana simovic
What Do You Mean They Don’t Like Spam?! Getting Off a Blacklist
Ivana Simovic, Demac Media
Chris francis
Chris Francis
Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics

“Really impressed. Best industry conference I have attended. Really practical take aways.”

Logan baird
Email that Just Works: Must-Know Tactics Every Developer on a Deadline Should Know
Logan Baird, Emma

Past Speakers

Here's a list of just some of the talented email lovers that have spoken at Litmus Live in the past. See the full agenda and 2017 speakers below.

Vicky ge
Vicky Ge Twitter
Eric lepetit
Eric Lepetit Twitter
Kristen craft
Kristen Craft Twitter
Brian dellaterra
Brian Dellaterra Twitter
Constant Contact
Mark robbins
Mark Robbins Twitter
Ros hodgekiss
Ros Hodgekiss Twitter
Campaign Monitor
Emma goodman
Emma Goodman
Fabio carneiro
Fabio Carneiro Twitter
Andi mignolo
Andi Mignolo Twitter
Movable Ink
Logan baird
Logan Baird Twitter
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20 sessions. Two tracks. Live Email Optimization. Plus, by attending one event in person, you'll also get slides and videos from all three cities. A huge value for your money!

September 21st

Optional Workshops

* Requires purchase of workshop pass(es) to attend. Workshop registration includes breakfast and lunch

Workshop registration

Breakfast provided for workshop attendees only


Advanced Responsive Email and Layouts | SOLD OUT

Kevin Mandeville Product Manager at Litmus

If you know your way around basic HTML emails, simple media queries, and common email rendering quirks, but are confused by how to tackle the rendering challenges that come with advanced layout and responsive design concepts, this workshop is for you.

We'll review the state of responsive email and cover advanced layout and structural techniques. You'll learn the pros and cons to each approach from development and testing time to maintainability as well as the hacks at your disposal to tackle each technique.

The following layout and structure techniques will be covered:

  • Hybrid/spongy technique
  • Display table method
  • Three table-cell technique
  • Drop calc method
  • Fab four technique
  • Mobile-first adaptive method

You'll walk away with a mastery of advanced layout methods along with the knowledge of how to decide which layout techniques works best for you

This is a hands-on workshop where you'll be live coding. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty with hacks!

Troubleshooting Email Like a Pro | SOLD OUT

Jason Rodriguez, Product Manager at Litmus

Learn how to squash nearly any email bug in this hands-on workshop. Discover why email rendering is such a pain and dive into the most common pitfalls in modern email design. Together, we’ll discuss why email clients do what they do and fixes for almost every problem you’ll encounter in email design today. We’ll also take time to look at your own campaigns and work through solutions to improve your next send. Each attendee will be eligible to submit a campaign for inclusion.

What we’ll cover:

  • How email clients render campaigns
  • Common bugs in popular email clients
  • Solutions for challenging rendering problems
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Plus, personalized troubleshooting of your submitted emails

Leave with a strong understanding of how different email clients affect your emails, the bugs they introduce, and techniques for combatting any problems you may encounter when designing and developing HTML email campaigns.

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email designers and marketers looking to build and send more reliable and effective email campaigns.

This is a hands-on workshop. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty!

Targeted Emails & Lifecycle Messaging Strategies | SOLD OUT

Chad White, Research Director at Litmus

One-size-fits-all broadcast emails are becoming gradually less effective. Subscribers expect more. They expect brands to routinely fulfill at least one facet of the paradigm of “delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.”

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn about different methods for creating targeted email messages
  • Understand the subscriber lifecycle
  • Find out about the latest trends in automated emails
  • Audit your triggered email program and identify new emails to add
  • Uncover opportunities to “review and improve” emails you thought were “set it and forget it”
  • See dozens of real-world examples to inspire your own emails

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email marketers, as well as designers and coders looking to broaden their understanding of personalization and triggered messaging.

September 21st

Conference Day 1: General Sessions


Conference Registration

Visit the Litmus booth and network with other attendees. Light snacks and refreshments will be available; we recommend lunch on your own before you arrive.


Welcome + Opening Remarks

Justine Jordan, Litmus

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Kathryn Grayson Nanz, G3 Communications

I don't know about you, but I'm very familiar with the feeling that I'm just sitting at my keyboard "faking it 'til I make it." But let me tell you a secret: We're all just making it up as we go...and that's the best part of our job! Impostor Syndrome holds us back and tells us that we don't deserve to be here, but it's wrong. We're gonna name, recognize, and take steps to overcome Impostor Syndrome—because when we push past that uncomfortable feeling and force ourselves into uncharted territory, that's where the good stuff happens.


Not Just Pretty Numbers: Making Data-Driven Design Decisions

Alex Kelly, MailChimp

Designing for email is hard, but data can make it easier. I'll explore how visual elements like layout, color, and text length can impact campaign engagement, presenting some best practices for email design along the way. This talk is geared towards developers, designers, and strategists who want to see what's popular in the industry-and, more importantly, what works.




Live Optimization Session

Justine Jordan & Erin King, Litmus

Submit your emails for review, soliciting tips from the audience and our speakers. You'll get plenty of A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, optimization tips, and other advice to take back to the office. It promises to be fun, fast-paced and full of insight!


Deliverability Myth Busting, Practical Advice From the Trenches

Len Shneyder, SendGrid

After asking top deliverability experts around the world what kind of myths they had to debunk or dispel as part of their daily jobs, we got more than 30 responses. While we don't have time to bust all 30 myths, this session will address the common myths that all of our colleagues & brethren in deliverability have tackled. We'll provide practical advice and insight based on our experience of sending over a billion emails a day.


Using Preheaders and Emojis to Make a Memorable First Impression

Erin Alemdar & Emilyann Key, Whereoware

Keeping the email spark alive is critical but challenging as we fall into the routine of branded templates, recycled images, and putting on sweatpants the second we get home. In this session, we're bringing the spice back, testing hidden (or chameleon) pre-header text and subject line emojis. We'll talk through how to implement each, cautionary tales, lifesaver tools, and real-life tests to help the experienced email marketer liven up the inbox.




Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments

Tyler Michel, Square

Email is uniquely great for experimentation. With the right balance of art and science, you can leverage email experimentation to expand your impact far beyond the scope of the channel.

In this session, marketers, analysts and designers will discover:

  • What makes email experimentation so powerful
  • Reusable frameworks for deciding what to experiment
  • How to create a strong hypothesis and test design
  • How to measure impact and discover audience insights

Walk away from this session with everything you need to get started with experimentation or take your efforts to the next level.


#LitmusHacks to Streamline Your Workflow

Kevin Mandeville & Justine Jordan, Litmus

After Litmus Live you'll be bursting with new ideas you want to take home and try. Join Kevin Mandeville and Justine Jordan as they share power user tips that will help you streamline your workflow, create error-free campaigns, and encourage everyone on your team to collaborate and create high-performing emails.



September 22nd

Conference Day 2: Breakout Sessions




Email Testing Strategies: Radical Redesign vs. Iterative Testing

Janie Clarke, Indeed

Iterative testing provides a solid foundation for making data-driven decisions. However, iterative testing in email development can be challenging if your goals are to quickly respond to customer feedback and maximize the effect of your business communications. It can be more effective to combine small and frequent iterations with radical overhauls to maximize the impact of your A/B testing. Sometimes you have to cannonball into the deep end rather than dip your toes in the water.

Two years ago, I found myself in charge of one of my company's biggest traffic-drivers: an email that is sent over 1 billion times a month. Right away, I hated the way the email looked, and I had reasons to doubt its effectiveness. In this session, I will tell the story of how I convinced my stakeholders to drop the small changes and try a radical redesign, resulting in an 11% increase in CTR.

Anyone attending this talk will walk away with an alternate approach to testing for data-driven results. They'll also learn how to empower a big company to adapt new approaches as email development continues its fast pace evolution.

Data-Driven Design: Intelligently Applying Best Practices

Logan Baird, Emma

There are so many email design best practices in our world right now, it can be difficult to discern which are the right ones to apply to your own work—some of the advice even seems to contradict itself! In this talk, we'll walk through the design and development of an email, showing at each step (imagery, typography, content layout, code structure) how we can practically encourage a culture of data collaboration between designers, developers and marketers to make the best design choices for your brand.


From {{}} to {{}}: Experimenting with Personalization

Vicky Ge, Amazon

From product recommendations to tone and design, marketing personalization is a powerful mechanism for connecting customers with our brands. Today's automation software and tomorrow's machine learning move marketers beyond "your name here" tactics into interpreting customer behavior and anticipating needs. This session presents personalization experiments that made meaningful differences for customers and looks ahead at machine learning developments in marketing. Some tactics might be familiar, while others are new-but we hope all will inspire you to think outside the bracket.

Solving Outlook 120 DPI Scaling Issues with Hybrid Emails

Courtney Fantinato, Mark's

We've all been there. You have a beautiful email design, solid code that brings it to life, and then… dreams are shattered when you preview the email in Outlook 120 DPI. The content looks misaligned, out of proportion, zoomed in, squished. You may have a large Outlook audience that you can't ignore, maybe a boss who would see this if the email goes out, or you just like your emails to look amazing across as many environments as possible (or a combo of these three!). What are you to do?! In this talk Courtney will cover the techniques needed to get your emails displaying beautifully in Outlook 120 DPI.




Building the Engagement Platform: A Step On Our Journey to Delight the Customer

Jeff Sinclair, Atlassian

How data-driven is your organization? Hear about the platform we built at Atlassian to overtly encourage the use of best-practice growth methodologies, ensuring we get as close as possible to the holy grail of marketing ("Right Time, Right Person, Right Message"). In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to make an effective trade-off between build vs. buy in your email marketing stack
  • How to put data at the forefront of every decision you make regarding who to target and how to determine whether a message is successful
  • A new framework which can be used to more effectively test email design and content independently of each other

Streamline Your Email Development Workflow with Gulp

Jonathan Chinchilla, Nest

Are you still coding all your emails one by one while inlining every single CSS style? Ever wonder how you can leverage web technologies to help you output your emails more effectively? What about supporting the growing number of countries your business is targeting? Oh, and what about not having to write redundant code? Enter Gulp. Get a unique perspective on how Nest have been able to streamline our email development workflow. Get some insight on how its helped us support a growing business as it expands into new international markets. We'll talk about how this task runner has increased our velocity, brought clarity to our code structure, improved our QA workflow, inspired innovation, and made for some happy stakeholders all while eliminating repetitive code.


Live Optimization Session

Justine Jordan & Erin King, Litmus

Submit your emails for review, soliciting tips from the audience and our speakers. You'll get plenty of A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, optimization tips, and other advice to take back to the office. It promises to be fun, fast-paced and full of insight!




Choose Your Own Adventure with Dynamic Email Marketing

Brandon Young, Salesforce

Does your company have multiple product lines vying for the same email audience? Are competing messages creating a non-cohesive story and experience? Learn how Salesforce developed a new approach to its email marketing program and designed a win-win solution for internal clients: a dynamic and always-on email system to ensure the right message was reaching the right person at the right time. Consisting of three engines working in tandem, the Dynamic Email Program assigns each contact a persona, selects the best offers for them, and optimizes the content library based on user engagement. Learn how you can take real steps toward developing a dynamic email program for your company.

Design Yourself Out of Job: Get Your Marketers to Code Emails

Tim Hartwick, Zurb

Some of us are all too familiar with statements like "All you have to do is...", "You just have to...", and the very worst... "It's easy!" How do you build empathy, knock down walls between teams, and lower the technical barrier so that anybody in your organization can "just" build an email—while also maintaining a consistent look and feel for your email campaigns? An email style guide, that's how! These magical style guides are shared and dynamic documents that enable people from every corner of your company (even that one guy) to code up clean and battle‐tested emails that are on brand and ready for your audience's inboxes.


Using Automation to Personalize the Customer Experience

Bonnie Coombs, Prezi

We all know automation is important, but how do you get started? This session will talk about how we used scaled automations at Prezi to drive increased product usage and renewal rates. You should walk away with ideas on how to start applying automation to multiple aspects of your email marketing efforts, as well as ideas on recycling content and how to measure.

Design & Develop ADA Compliant Email

Eddy Wong, Albertsons & Brandon Clark, MyWebGrocer

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is now as important of a design consideration as the visuals and copy in your emails. While there's no specific or legal standard to follow, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) can help you reach the highest compliance ratings. But where do you start? Armed with lessons learned from our recent compliance update, we'll show you how to create rock solid WCAG 2.0 AA compliant emails everyone can enjoy.

Join us to explore how the WCAG influences:

  • General design, layout & typography
  • Coding (HTML, CSS, hacks)
  • The technical bits outside HTML/CSS: working with APIs, dev teams, etc.

Speaker Speed Dating + Networking Break

Improve your campaigns and get 1:1 time with speakers and other experts.


Email Marketing Emergencies: A Survival Guide

Sarah Esterman, Simple

$hit happens. Whether your email is written to "NAME," your link doesn't link to where it's supposed to, or you accidentally sent an email to the wrong list, surviving an email marketing emergency is all about keeping your cool and knowing what to do next. This session will be your practical guide to creating your own email emergency response plan.

Localization at Scale

Erin Turner, Udemy

For many organizations, sending emails in multiple languages is a must. For email developers, doing so in a way that minimizes additional production time is crucial. During this session, we'll tackle the technical challenges that come with localization, with specific focus on scalability and automation. We'll discuss streamlining the translation workflow, utilizing Google Scripts to eliminate the mundane task of reformatting translations, and (most importantly) building infrastructure that supports any number of languages in every campaign you build.


Breaking the Table: A Future-Forward Approach to Email

Kevin Mandeville, Litmus

“Emails must be 600px wide.”
“Emails must look the same across all email clients.”
“Code like it's 1999.”

The email industry has been plagued with long-standing myths and #AlternativeEmailFacts that quite simply aren't true anymore. This session will dive into breaking down these falsehoods to change your perception of email design and strategy. It will even question what many believe are fundamental requirements in email: should we still use inline CSS or table structures? Prepare yourself to have everything you know about email be questioned and shaken to its core. Get a unique approach on email design for the future and open yourself up to a brand new perspective of possibilities--instead of limitations.


Wrap-up + Farewell

Justine Jordan, Litmus

Conference venue & accommodations

The Park Central Hotel San Francisco serves as both the conference venue and hotel for attendees.

San francisco venue


Park Central Hotel San Francisco
50 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: (415) 974-6400

In the heart of the city is Park Central San Francisco, a newly re-imagined hotel that blends an exceptional setting with superlative service. Located amid the vibrancy that defines the South of Market district, the central, four-star property is a short stroll to everything that makes San Francisco so beloved.

More venue info
San francisco hotel

Where to stay

Park Central Hotel San Francisco
50 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: (415) 974-6400

The discounted conference hotel block is now full. You may book directly with the Park Central or consult your favorite travel website for nearby deals.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to be a Litmus customer?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to attend. Litmus Live is not a user conference—which means that sessions are packed with useful, real-world advice applicable to many different platforms and approaches to email creation.

What does the ticket price include?

A regular session pass includes access to sessions starting Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, plus admission to the conference party on Thursday evening. Friday includes breakfast and lunch.

Workshop passes also includes breakfast and lunch on Thursday, and the workshop you selected.

Are workshops included with my ticket?

No. Workshops are available as a package purchase with a regular session ticket.

What time do sessions start?

For workshop ticket holders, registration begins at 7:30am on Thursday. Workshops kick off promptly at 8am. Breakfast and lunch are provided for workshop ticket holders only.

For sessions only ticket holders, registration begins at 12 noon on Thursday, and general sessions kick off at 1pm. Lunch is on your own.

Do you have free/discounted/non-profit tickets?

Our awesome patrons at Mailjet, SendGrid, Taxi, MailChimp, and Emma are offering several chances to win tickets to Litmus Live—more details are available on the Litmus blog.

Can I get the slides and videos?

All conference sessions are recorded, and attendees will receive slides and videos post-event.

BONUS: By attending one event in person, you'll also get recordings from sessions at all 3 events. A huge value for your money!

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City-by-City Comparison

Each location offers a slightly different schedule and agenda; speakers and sessions will vary. Check out the city-by-city comparison.

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London illustration


San francisco illustration

San Francisco

Event Date August 2 - 4, 2017 August 29 - 30, 2017 September 21 - 22, 2017
Event Venue Westin Boston Waterfront etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate Park Central Hotel
Number of Sessions 30+ 20 20
Tracks of Content 3 2 2
Days of Content 2 1.5 1.5
Number of Attendees 600 300 300

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