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Litmus Live Patron Program

Litmus Live (formerly known as The Email Design Conference) brings email marketers and email designers together to celebrate their craft and give the community a platform to learn, share, and grow. With 99.5% of attendees saying they’d recommend Litmus Live to a friend, we’ve set a high bar.

With more than a thousand attendees coming together in three locations—Boston, London, and San Francisco—Litmus Live is an opportunity to create something meaningful, engaging, and fun for the email community—rewarding the individuals that make email better.

But becoming a patron isn’t a typical event sponsorship commitment. That’s because Litmus Live isn’t your typical conference, and typical event sponsorship isn’t what we’re after. We’ve created something much better.

2017 Patrons

Take a look at some of our partners from this year’s event.


Coming to: Boston, London, San Francisco
Special Project


Ticket Giveaway

Taxi is giving away two tickets to each conference: Boston, London and San Francisco. Use Taxi to create an email explaining why you should win. The two best templates for each city will win their way to Litmus Live.

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Coming to: Boston
Special Project

Liveclicker is making sure our Boston attendees stay fit with a guided run with Run Boston experts Thursday morning and a wake-up yoga session Friday morning at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

Ticket Giveaway

Coming soon


Coming to: Boston, London, San Francisco
Special Project

Get ready to celebrate, email geeks. Don't miss the Litmus Live Boston official party on Thursday, August 4th, co-hosted by MailChimp. Relax after a day of learning, connect with other attendees, and of course, score some sweet Freddie swag.

Ticket Giveaway

Six lucky email lovers will win free tickets to the Litmus Live city of your choice courtesy of our friends at MailChimp. Just fill out their entry form and let them know why MailChimp should send you to Litmus Live for your chance to win!

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Coming to: Boston, London
Special Project

Boston: MJML by Mailjet is kicking off the festivities with an Opening Party on Wednesday night. Their crew will be welcoming attendees at an iconic waterfront venue for drinks, crabcakes, and cornhole, plus some friendly faceoffs between email geeks.

London: Across the pond, MJML by Mailjet is hosting their own twist on a photo booth. They’re bringing an on-site photographer to help attendees freshen up their social profiles and have some fun doing it. Let’s just say: These won’t be the headshots on your next CV.

Ticket Giveaway

The crew over at MJML by Mailjet is giving away two tickets to Litmus Live: One for Boston and one for London. To win, you’ll need to show off your MJML skills. Send the team your favorite email template made using their open source markup language MJML.

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Coming to: Boston
Special Project

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and being at Litmus Live is no exception. SendGrid is firing up the 'SendGriddle' during breakfast Thursday morning for some hot, delicious treats guaranteed to keep the hanger at bay.

Ticket Giveaway

SendGrid is giving one lucky email expert a free ticket to Litmus Live in Boston. Enter for a chance to win by taking the Email Expert quiz to test your email chops.

This contest is now closed.

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Coming to: Boston, San Francisco
Special Project

Coming soon

Ticket Giveaway

Send Emma the email you’re most proud of to be entered to win a ticket to Boston or San Francisco. You can go with HTML or plain text—you choose! They’ll pick the best of the best, then contact the winner. The contest runs from June 29th to July 14th.

Show ‘em what you got

What is patronage?

The best patrons love email and the community as much as we do. Here’s what we expect from our patrons:

1. Invite your community


There’s no set fee to be involved at Litmus Live. Instead, we ask that you give away at least two conference passes, helping people that couldn’t otherwise attend.

2. Invite your team


Of course, we want you there, too! We’ll make sure your team has access to purchase tickets before they sell out. We kindly ask that you match your team attendance passes with the same number of community passes.

3.Special project


Whether it’s an installation piece, a new experience, an amazing giveaway, or something else entirely—we’ll work together to make something the community remembers.

Patronage is a great brand and community building opportunity. Patronage is not a lead generation, self-promotion, or direct sales opportunity.

Become a patron

We realize this is a very different approach supporting an event. That’s the point. Together, we can create something meaningful, engaging, and fun for the email community—rewarding the very individuals that make email better.

Ready to build something incredible? Drop us a line and let’s get the party started.

Become a Patron