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August 29 - 30, 2017

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Learn email design, strategy, and development

With sessions on data-driven email design, lifecycle campaign planning, cross-channel strategies, tools to automate email development, and more—there's something for everyone. And since this isn't a user or customer conference, anyone is welcome to attend!

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“Useful, real-world content”

96% of attendees said they'd attend Litmus Live again, and 99% would recommend Litmus Live to a friend

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Stephanie mckay
Stephanie McKay
Senior Graphic Designer, DIA

“Had so many “aha!” moments during the last two days. Geeking out with kindred email spirits—this is my Disneyland!”

Eric lepetit
Interactive Email from Design to Deployment: A Brand Perspective
Eric Lepetit, Nest
Brenton anderson
Brenton Anderson
Email Dev, Southwest Airlines

“The communal and collaborative nature of the conference is great. I’ve been able to learn and network without being sold to.”

Vicky ge
Hey, Listen! Identifying, Measuring, and Using Implicit and Explicit Customer Signals
Vicky Ge, Amazon
Kayla beck
Kayla Beck
Marketing Manager, Southwest Airlines

“Awesome conference. Could you guys be any more nerdy? I mean that in a good way!”

Ivana simovic
What Do You Mean They Don’t Like Spam?! Getting Off a Blacklist
Ivana Simovic, Demac Media
Chris francis
Chris Francis
Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics

“Really impressed. Best industry conference I have attended. Really practical take aways.”

Logan baird
Email that Just Works: Must-Know Tactics Every Developer on a Deadline Should Know
Logan Baird, Emma

Past Speakers

Here's a list of just some of the talented email lovers that have spoken at Litmus Live in the past. See the full agenda and 2017 speakers below.

Vicky ge
Vicky Ge Twitter
Eric lepetit
Eric Lepetit Twitter
Kristen craft
Kristen Craft Twitter
Brian dellaterra
Brian Dellaterra Twitter
Constant Contact
Mark robbins
Mark Robbins Twitter
Ros hodgekiss
Ros Hodgekiss Twitter
Campaign Monitor
Emma goodman
Emma Goodman
Fabio carneiro
Fabio Carneiro Twitter
Andi mignolo
Andi Mignolo Twitter
Movable Ink
Logan baird
Logan Baird Twitter
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August 29th

Morning Workshops

* Requires purchase of workshop pass(es) to attend.

Advanced Responsive Email and Layouts | SOLD OUT

Kevin Mandeville, Product Manager at Litmus

If you know your way around basic HTML emails, simple media queries, and common email rendering quirks, but are confused by how to tackle the rendering challenges that come with advanced layout and responsive design concepts, this workshop is for you.

We'll review the state of responsive email and cover advanced layout and structural techniques. You'll learn the pros and cons to each approach from development and testing time to maintainability as well as the hacks at your disposal to tackle each technique.

The following layout and structure techniques will be covered:

  • Hybrid/spongy technique
  • Display table method
  • Three table-cell technique
  • Drop calc method
  • Fab four technique
  • Mobile-first adaptive method

You'll walk away with a mastery of advanced layout methods along with the knowledge of how to decide which layout techniques work best for you

This is a hands-on workshop where you'll be live coding. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty with hacks!

Troubleshooting Email Like a Pro | SOLD OUT

Jason Rodriguez, Product Manager at Litmus Jaina Mistry, Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Learn how to squash nearly any email bug in this hands-on workshop. Discover why email rendering is such a pain and dive into the most common pitfalls in modern email design. Together, we’ll discuss why email clients do what they do and fixes for almost every problem you’ll encounter in email design today. We’ll also take time to look at your own campaigns and work through solutions to improve your next send. Each attendee will be eligible to submit a campaign for inclusion.

What we’ll cover:

  • How email clients render campaigns
  • Common bugs in popular email clients
  • Solutions for challenging rendering problems
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Plus, personalized troubleshooting of your submitted emails

Leave with a strong understanding of how different email clients affect your emails, the bugs they introduce, and techniques for combatting any problems you may encounter when designing and developing HTML email campaigns.

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email designers and marketers looking to build and send more reliable and effective email campaigns.

This is a hands-on workshop. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty!

Fundamentals of Email Marketing Strategy | SOLD OUT

Chad White, Research Director at Litmus

A crash course in all things email strategy, this workshop will give you a solid foundation for crafting effective emails and building an effective email program. Following the Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs, we’ll explain how to create emails that are respectful, functional, valuable, and remarkable as we discuss:

  • Email Metrics & Business Success
  • Permission & List Building
  • Managing Inactives
  • Rendering & QA
  • Defensive Design
  • Subject Lines
  • Targeting & Personalization
  • Email Frequency
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Planning & Content Calendars
  • Virality

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email marketers, as well as designers and coders looking to broaden their understanding of email marketing strategy.

August 29th

Conference Day 1: General Sessions


Welcome + Opening Remarks


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Kathryn Grayson Nanz, G3 Communications

I don't know about you, but I'm very familiar with the feeling that I'm just sitting at my keyboard "faking it 'til I make it." But let me tell you a secret: We're all just making it up as we go...and that's the best part of our job! Impostor Syndrome holds us back and tells us that we don't deserve to be here, but it's wrong. We're gonna name, recognize, and take steps to overcome Impostor Syndrome—because when we push past that uncomfortable feeling and force ourselves into uncharted territory, that's where the good stuff happens.


Accessibility in Action: The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementation

Paul Airy, Beyond the Envelope

As email designers, developers and marketers, we're all passionate about delivering great email experiences to our subscribers, and as such we understand and appreciate the importance of accessibility in email. But how do we go about implementing accessibility in our email campaigns when we're faced with the challenge of persuading the senior leaders and stakeholders within our organisations of its value, the challenge of knowing how much resource we need to commit to it, and the challenge of knowing what and where we should prioritise?

In this session Paul will look at how to overcome these challenges using examples and insights from his own experiences working on both experimental and commercial email campaigns, and the opportunities available to deliver accessible email experiences to our subscribers.




Live Optimization Session

Justine Jordan & Erin King, Litmus

Submit your emails for review, soliciting tips from the audience and our speakers. You'll get plenty of A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, optimization tips, and other advice to take back to the office. It promises to be fun, fast-paced and full of insight!


Finding The One: Tips and Tricks for Choosing the ESP of Your Dreams

Victoria Smith, routesix

Feel like you're still stuck in the 90s with an email platform that does nothing cool? Sick of pushy sales guys telling you they have an email tool to solve all your email problems? Or maybe you just want to get creative and clever with technology but don't know where to start. If these problems sound familiar, then this session has the answers.

Join us for a hands-on interactive session set out to help you choose and then use the right email platform for your specific needs. During this session you'll:

  • Learn how to compare and analyse the ESPs on the market against ready-made criteria
  • Get tips for dealing with pushy sales guys and how to get what you want
  • Enjoy live examples of some of the cool functionality out there e.g. AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Modular templates in Dotmailer, and simple integrations with MailChimp
  • Understand why knowing technology is important to all types of email marketers—not just developers
  • Discover how to get the best ROI across everything you do

Email as Art: Taking Email Design to the Next Level

Sam Beddoes, Action Rocket

Rest assured we won't be making abstract Jackson Pollock-esque emails in this session. We'll take a look at how to move email design beyond ESP templates and standard practices to create something that feels beautiful, unique, and handmade. By combining your email's message with photography, typography, concise content, and holistic thinking you can create something subscribers will love, rather than just another email. We'll focus on the design aesthetics of email with a ton of inspirational examples for trends and layout—without a single line of code in sight. Whether you're just getting started in email design or you're a seasoned pro, this is 30 minutes you won't want to miss.





Kevin Mandeville, Litmus

#EmailHacks at Litmus Live will reveal the latest and greatest possibilities for email design, development, and marketing. It will inspire the whole email community with new innovations they can try when they return home from the conference.


#LitmusHacks to Streamline Your Workflow

Kevin Mandeville & Justine Jordan, Litmus

After Litmus Live you'll be bursting with new ideas you want to take home and try. Join Kevin Mandeville and Justine Jordan as they share power user tips that will help you streamline your workflow, create error-free campaigns, and encourage everyone on your team to collaborate and create high-performing emails.



August 30th

Conference Day 2: Breakout Sessions




What You’re Missing in A/B Testing

Jonathan Pay, Holistic Email Marketing

Push the power of your email marketing by looking at email testing differently. Leverage the testing ability of your emails to improve the performance of your other marketing acquisition and conversion channels. You will learn how to:

  • Build a hypothesis into your emails
  • Drive the actions that provide the answers you're looking for
  • Use a push channel such as email to inform and improve pull channel performance
  • Use tactics to test for long-term results as well as short-term results

The Future of Images in Email

Mark Robbins, Rebel

This session will take a deep dive into image formats (SVG, WebP, aPng), HTML elements, and CSS styles (src-set, image-set, <picture>). We'll look into the benefits of these formats and how to start using them in your emails today.


Emoji... or eNOji? What Actual Science Says About Subject Lines

Jasper Pye, Phrasee

Your subject line is the crux of your campaign. If it sucks, no one is gonna do anything. But: Subject lines have always been a dark art, with cognitive bias and human gut feel driving decisions. In this presentation, you'll learn what the data actually says—from actual language scientists.

The Great Mess of Alternative Text

Rémi Parmentier, Tilt Studio

From accessibility to blocked image rendering, alternative text is an important part of email coding. But the differences in rendering and styling possibilities between browsers and email clients can be staggering. Welcome to a deep technical dive on the great mess that is alternative text.




The New GDPR: Are You Prepared?

Rosa Hafezi, eco

The GDPR is coming in May 2018. What does that mean for email marketing? How will the GDPR impact existing best practices? What organizational steps are required in order to comply? What are the consequences of non-compliancy? Learn how to be prepared for the future by following the basics.

Using Prefilled Forms in Email

Cyrill Gross, Mayoris

Have you ever been tired of typing your personal data on your smartphone to participate in a prize draw or giveaway? Does the “take our survey” button in emails prevent you from wanting to give your feedback? Do you agree that five clicks to submit a product rating are four too many? If you answer at least one of these questions with “yes”, this is a session for you.

Contrary to what many email marketers think, forms work fairly well in email. Many up to date clients—including iOS and Gmail—support surveys, pre-filled subscription forms, and quick feedback or social sharing boxes. Learn how to optimize user experience by integrating prefilled forms in emails, leverage interaction by letting the recipient answer the first question of your survey directly from an email, and how a star or NPS rating can be sent directly from within an email. These techniques not only provide conversion uplift but may also cut costs by substituting landing pages with API connections to your ESP.


Live Optimization Session

Justine Jordan & Erin King, Litmus

Submit your emails for review, soliciting tips from the audience and our speakers. You'll get plenty of A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, optimization tips, and other advice to take back to the office. It promises to be fun, fast-paced and full of insight!




Copywriting for Email

Stuart Clark, Red C

Whether it's your job to write or review copy for emails, there are three key areas that really affect response. Here you'll learn the basics, covering the moment your reader first encounters your copy, all the way through to the decision they make to click, including:

  • How your reader reads your email
  • 9 kickstart strategies for effective subject lines
  • Techniques for sustaining readership
  • Simple tips for closing the sale
  • Examples of strong email salesmanship

SecondLook or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Outlook

Adrian Thomas, equinux

Writing extra code to improve compatibility with Outlook is annoying and can clutter your HTML. The Mail Designer Pro team came up with SecondLook, a technique that lets you automatically create a shadow layout. This technique lets you to target and address problems in troublesome Outlook versions, while keeping those hacks and workarounds separate from the rest of your nice clean code.

Attendees will learn:

  • An alternative way of dealing with Outlook compatibility
  • How to automate Outlook fixes
  • Strategies for dealing with ongoing improvements to existing code modules

How To Discover the Real Impact of Your Email Campaigns

Jakob Carstens, Funding Circle

Most email marketers use UTM links to track their email campaign's conversions. But is that the real measure? Do people always click to convert or is there a gap in a multi-device world? Is there a better way to understand the real impact of our emails? To answer this question, Funding Circle developed tracking that matches customer email interactions with website interactions. This session is perfect for marketers who judge email campaigns every day and wonder if there is more to email than just clicks. Learn another way of tracking and open your eyes to measuring real customer interactions.

Drop Calc: A New Responsive Layout Method

Gyula Németh, EDMdesigner

Exploiting bugs and lack of features is the basis of coding HTML emails. Drop Calc is a technique built on these fundamentals. Using this method, you can create responsive layouts that are rendered correctly in nearly all email clients. If Drop Calc had existed before the historic Gmail update, Gmail would not have been email marketers biggest nightmare.

Understanding tricky layout methods is a great way to train your email coding brain. Even if you don't personally have to support that many email clients at the moment, you may need to use techniques like this in the future. Join this session to discover more about the weird and hacky world of email HTML!


Speaker Speed Dating + Networking Break

Improve your campaigns and get 1:1 time with speakers and other experts.


5 Things I Learned About Relevancy From Sending 53 Million Emails

Becs Rivett-Kemm, Conversio

SaaS companies can struggle with user engagement, so Conversio looked at different ways we could understand customer interests and behavior to increase relevance—and revenue—in our communications. In the past year and a half we've made big progress with ensuring that our users still listen to us. This session will share five things we've learned that can be applied to all types of businesses—including how we introduced a video tutorials, a new preference center, and (gasp!) plain text messages to improve retention and reduce unsubscribes.

Lotus Notes in a Responsive World

Susanne Koenig

Your customer wants a state-of-the-art responsive email newsletter. Not a problem, right? But wait, your main audience uses Lotus Notes as their desktop email client. As most email coders know, developing a newsletter for Lotus Notes means very restricted use of HTML tables and only the most basic CSS. Creating a responsive newsletter means percentage widths, media queries, and the use of CSS3. Is it even possible to combine these two very different approaches to code a newsletter that renders fine in Notes and is responsive in mobile clients? With tips and tricks based on a real-life project, this talk will show you how to make sure your responsive newsletter is not only readable, but optimized for Lotus Notes versions 8 and upwards.


Content: It’s Still King

Robert Dawson Scott, STV plc

Do you want the content of your emails to be unmissable? Do you want them to be imaginative, amusing, relevant, accurate, beguiling, persuasive? Of course you do. But who is best placed to achieve that? Hint: they may not be in your email team or even your wider marketing team. At STV, we devised a way of working with our email platform which puts the people who know most about the content in charge of the content while still retaining overall control. If you're involved in any part of the process of creating your emails, you'll want to know how.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to be a Litmus customer?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to attend. Litmus Live is not a user conference—which means that sessions are packed with useful, real-world advice applicable to many different platforms and approaches to email creation.

What does the ticket price include?

A regular session pass includes access to sessions on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday; breakfast, lunch, and plenty of coffee and snacks each day; plus admission to the evening event.

Workshop passes also includes lunch on Tuesday, and the workshop you selected.

Are workshops included with my ticket?

No. Workshops are available as a package purchase with a regular session ticket.

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No. Workshops are only available as part of regular conference registration.

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Our awesome patrons at Mailjet, SendGrid, Taxi, MailChimp, Emma, and LiveClicker are offering several chances to win tickets to Litmus Live—more details are available on the Litmus blog.

Can I get the slides and videos?

All conference sessions are recorded, and attendees will receive slides and videos post-event.

BONUS: By attending one event in person, you'll also get recordings from sessions at all 3 events. A huge value for your money!

Are there other cities and dates?

We’ll be in Boston from August 2nd - 4th and in San Francisco from September 21st -22nd. The agendas and speakers are different, though!

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City-by-City Comparison

Each location offers a slightly different schedule and agenda; speakers and sessions will vary. Check out the city-by-city comparison.

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Event Venue Westin Boston Waterfront etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate Park Central Hotel
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Days of Content 2 1.5 1.5
Number of Attendees 600 300 300

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