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The Email Design Conference taught email designers, marketers and strategists how to produce great looking—and performing!—emails. Purchase our video and slide packages to learn new techniques, expand your knowledge, gather ideas, and get inspired.

Conference Sessions

Here's a complete overview of all the sessions–watch three of them for free!

FREE SESSION Who Run The World? (Email Designers)

Matt Byrd, Litmus

We’re all a little crazy in love with email. No one gets into email marketing because it’s glamorous or lucrative. It’s time to care about fixing an industry that is too often neglected and suffers from a negative perception. (When was the last time you introduced yourself and someone said, “Oh, so you’re a spammer?”).

Matt takes a look at how our industry is evolving. Email marketing isn’t what it used to be, but we’re counting on you to be the change our field needs to keep moving forward! Get ready to make email awesome.

FREE SESSION Designing for Emotion in Email

Kevin Mandeville, Litmus
Jason Rodriguez, Litmus

A deep dive into email design techniques aimed to connect emotionally with subscribers. Kevin and Jason take a look at how to delight customers using surprising design elements and the occasional easter egg. Topics include cutting edge uses of ALT text, CSS animation & interactivity, video & more.

Triggered Emails, the Secret to Success: TripIt's Automagical Journey

Elisa Haidt, Concur (TripIt)

TripIt, the automagical travel organizing app from Concur, has around 60 different emails that are triggered by the actions, behaviors and travel events of users. Built as an extension of the TripIt service, these emails were created and managed by the company's product and development teams. As part of a recent effort to create a more seamless experience for users, TripIt's marketing and product teams collaborated to refresh the company's triggered email campaigns, marrying product and marketing best practices to creating a more engaging email experience for TripIt's more than 9 million users. In this session, Elisa Haidt, TripIt's Director of Marketing, shares her team's journey; describing how to combine branding, product design and user experience into one automagical triggered email campaign.

Building a Community with Curated Content

Dave Verwer, Curated Inc.
Matt Byrd, Litmus
Jason Rodriguez, Litmus

Creating original content takes a lot of time, talent and effort, but our audiences go crazy for valuable and relevant information. Digest newsletters—weekly or monthly communications that round up information surrounding a specific theme—have grown in popularity. Despite being a collection of third party links, digest newsletters offer a unique opportunity to build your brand and reputation. Hear how iOS Dev Weekly and the Email Design Newsletter have built a community by providing a strong editorial voice and interesting content to their subscribers.

Process This! How to Be Successful by Design

Jay Jhun, BrightWave
Megan Merrifield, Gulfstream Aerospace

Whether you realize it or not, there are multiple methods to the magic that goes into conceptualizing, designing and deploying any given email campaign. Jay and Megan discuss the importance of setting goals, managing stakeholders and selecting and optimizing a production process. You will also learn how critically valuable one document can be to program validation and optimization.

Using Deep Linking Calls to Action to Improve Conversion

Jared Campbell, Angie's List

The world is driven by buttons: Take this survey. Buy now. But these direct calls to action are sometimes asking the user to make the wrong choice. Take 50 minutes to think outside the button, and step into the mind of the user. Change the decision made on calls to action by exploring deep linking techniques that get your users to take action—without them even knowing it, simply by removing steps or decreasing “perceived work”.

Winning the Design Battle on Every Screen

Brian Graves, DEG

As your designs shift across breakpoints, keeping content priority in tact while delivering a great user experience can be tough. Add to that the challenging and outdated standards of email development and the task can seem even more daunting. What can be done to deliver consistently great experiences no matter the device your customers are on? Brian takes a look at how to overcome these challenges with design strategies and advanced CSS techniques that will wrangle your content into shape.

Making Your Way in a Mobile World

Mark Reeves, Clearbold LLC

It's 2014 and the tipping point has been reached: Email's gone mobile. Now that email's evolving at the speed of mobile—new devices, new capabilities, changing screen sizes—you need to get yourself, your team, your boss and your clients on board. How do you manage migrating your email efforts to mobile?

Email Design Tools and Layout Best Practices

Cori Hemmah, Xamarin

Do you often open emails that literally hurt your eyes because they’re so ugly, confusing, or not rendering correctly? As you know, email recipients can tell right away when marketers haven't spent enough (or any) time and effort thinking about their emails. Let’s make sure our own audiences know we’re thinking about them long before we hit the send button by doing everything we can to create emails that look beautiful, display correctly, and have a clear CTA. This session covers the top 10 template tools for designing, building, and testing emails, learn about several email layout “worst practices” and how to avoid them, and discusses easy-to-implement design ideas that will make your emails stand out and look better immediately.

Creating a Personalized Email Experience with Dynamic Content

Andrew King, Lyris

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful responsive email template, spent hours making sure it looks great in Outlook and optimized for all image blocking scenarios, but all of that could be wasted on the recipient if the content isn’t relevant. Dynamic Content has been proven to significantly increase clicks, opens and subscriber satisfaction. During this informative session Andrew explains the different types of dynamic content, the data that you’ll need to implement and the design and coding challenges which dynamic content presents.

Data Science at MailChimp: Using Mountains of Data to Improve the Email Experience

John Foreman, MailChimp

MailChimp sends 10 billion email newsletters for over 6 million customers each month, and from those sends comes a mountain of clicks, opens, purchases, and other transactional data. But MailChimp's success wasn't built on data. It was built on a user experience that placed an intuitive and friendly interface on email marketing and removed much of the busy work. So how does a company whose business is not data, use its massive data set? MailChimp uses data science for the same ends as they use graphic design and customer support: to improve the user experience of sending email. John Foreman, author of Data Smart and Chief Scientist for MailChimp, discusses how he uses data science to dispel anecdotal marketing lore and drive improvements in the email ecosystem.

How to Beat Email Clients with Email Hacks

Brian Graves, DEG
Fabio Carneiro, MailChimp
Kevin Mandeville, Litmus

This panel explores how to approach email development with advanced email hacks. The panelists break down their own unique approaches and processes to solving specific problems with various email clients and how to troubleshoot them. Topics covered include fast ways to test new ideas (and the tools needed to do so), how to target specific email clients with progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, and how to find workarounds and solutions for email clients when nothing seems to be working.

Optimizing Your Email with A/B Testing

Mike Heimowitz, Atlassian

Think you're sending the best emails possible? If you aren't A/B testing, you'll never know. Whether you're a marketer or otherwise, learn how you can create and execute meaningful tests to continuously improve your email program.

HTML Typography in Email

Paul Airy, Beyond the Envelope

How far can we push HTML typography in email? What happens when we try to code the font sizes to be responsive as well as the template? How do we go about incorporating, building in fallbacks for and licensing web fonts? Which email and webmail clients struggle under the strain and which ones allow us to break new ground in email design and development?

Through a series of exploratory examples, Paul walks you through the journey of his experimentation and discovering—what succeeded, what failed, and what made him think "Awesome—I want to start using that today!"

Get Relevant or Die Tryin’

Brent Walter, DEG

Great email design is complemented with relevant content. You can hide preheaders, bulletproof your buttons, and stack your navigation, but it’s all for naught if your message doesn't resonate with your subscribers. Relevancy is created through a deep understanding of your subscribers, but how can you acquire the data to create 1 to 1 messages?

In this session, Brent discusses the challenges of acquiring subscriber data for unique audiences, and how to leverage that data to create relevant messages that perform for your business. He covers specific strategies, like defining your audience, and design tactics such as landing pages, quizzes, behavior analysis, and the ever-popular profile and preference center.

When Ugly Is Beautiful: Lessons in Data-Driven, Customer-First Design

Vicky Ge, TASER International

You've worked so hard on that email template and created such a flawless landing page. But, during your after-action analysis, Google Analytics shows IE 5.0 visitors filling out forms; Litmus counts 15% of your users on Outlook 2007 (and below); top performing buttons are #not-your-brand's-beautiful-hex-code. You're sulking in your marketing automation's WYSIWYG, find-replacing all those <tables> with <divs>, and you think, "Does my design not mesh with the data? Must I kill my darlings?"

This case study from TASER International, Inc. asks: Are you using data-driven, customer-first design? In this session, Vicky shares her favorite tests (both successes and failures) and how and when she listened to—or ignored!—data to best serve TASER's customers. After watching this session, you'll be ready to A/B test your own designs and to kill, er, improve your darlings.

Hyde Park Jewelers–Know Your Audience

Jason Meeker, RootedELM

Over the past year and a half Hyde Park Jewelers has initiated a dramatic change to their email campaigns. By focusing on who subscribers are and how they interact with campaigns, emails are tailored to fit subscriber lifestyles. Jason shares the strategies and techniques behind Hyde Park's mobile first and HiPPI email marketing program which have resulted in a significant increase in engagement, and more importantly, sales.

The VENT Method: A Strategy for Crafting Compelling Content

Zachary Hanz, Sprout Social

Is your messaging Valuable, Engaging, Necessary and True? Zachary takes a look at how to create smooth, intuitive experiences for users, balance best practices while maintaining brand cohesion, and how we, as marketers, can keep ourselves in line and not fall in love with our own ideas of what works.

99 Reasons Why Email Rocks

Jay Jhun, BrightWave

We all have our reasons. "When I grow up ..." ended with "email marketing" (said no one ever). And yet, here we stand together with (at least) 99 reasons why we do what we do and love what we do. Jay highlights, laughs, cries, snickers, and chortles his way through some (or all) of the reasons why the future is so bright for a craft that will continue to be at the center of the digital marketing universe.

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