Thanks for coming to The Email Design Conference San Francisco. Check out what some of your peers had to say about the event:


If you love email design this is the best place for you. #TEDC13

— Corey Duncan (@Corey_Duncan) October 1, 2013

At #TEDC13 Litmus email design conference! Nice to see other people who love making beautiful emails like me!

— Sara Stanger (@sarastanger) September 30, 2013

@litmusapp has outdone themselves with #TEDC13. Always expect the best from Litmus; they not only delivered but went above & beyond.

— Jason Meeker (@jpmeeker) October 2, 2013

Seriously, this conference rocks. I think I love email even more! #TEDC13

— Amber Gabranski (@ajgabrans) October 1, 2013

#TEDC13 Has shown me that the future of email is bright and there's some bad arse people leading the way. Excited to dive into this medium.

— Van Roberts (@Van_Roberts) October 1, 2013

Aww man so many good tips on using data for design...I actually can't wait to get back to the office and start using them! @krudz #TEDC13

— Tiana Cameron (@tianaYcameron) October 1, 2013

@litmusapp @meladorri Congratulations on pulling off #TEDC13 and developing this exciting new community of email designers. Kudos to you.

— Chloe Cross (@chloeguestfolio) October 1, 2013

@litmusapp thank you for making #TEDC13. The emails of the world just got a little better, I can see it already

— Adam Lund (@adamlund) October 2, 2013

Back to the office feeling equipped with new knowledge and #emaildesign inspiration! Thanks #TEDC13 !

— Erika Rigger (@Miss_Erika_R) October 2, 2013

Sad the #TEDC13 conference is over! Was nice to spend two days with so many other people who give a sh*t about email. Do it again!

— Andrew King (@akingkiwi) October 2, 2013

What I learned at #TEDC13 ? Be rigorous with testing, make smart (yet human) decisions based on your data, and keep #email fun.

— Brian Trejo (@btrejo) October 2, 2013

Fantastic conference at #TEDC13. Thanks to all at @litmusapp ... Feeling the email love!

— Alan Page (@AlanPageNZ) October 2, 2013

It has been a crazy 2 days. I'm just now catching up on #TEDC13 tweets and really enjoying reliving the conference.

— Colin Nederkoorn (@alphacolin) October 2, 2013

@Future_Insights @litmusapp thank you so much for #TEDC13 - it was a stellar show! Really can't say enough good things about it :D

— Ros Hodgekiss (@yarrcat) October 2, 2013

Sad to be leaving #TEDC13, but excited to do it again in a few weeks. Such fantastic email minds, and @litmusapp has a helluva team!

— Matt Byrd (@mparkerbyrd) October 2, 2013