Thanks for coming to The Email Design Conference London.
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Excited to be at #tedc13 @litmusapp for the next couple of days #geekcentral

— Jonathan Munton (@jonnymunton) October 28, 2013

We’re at #TEDC13 for the next couple of days, never have we seen so many email geeks in one place!

— Campaignmaster UK (@CampaignmUK) October 28, 2013

Things I love about #TEDC13 so far... 1.) @danoshinsky 2.) the friendly, non-pretentious vibe 3.) these badges...

— Matthew Slaymaker (@mattslaymaker) October 28, 2013

So glad I came already! #TEDC13 Very useful, relevant and engaging presentations @danoshinsky

— Deepa Dhillon (@Deepadhillon) October 28, 2013

Things I never thought I’d witness: A round of applause for styled ALT text! #TEDC13

— Sam Beddoes (@Sam_CMUK) October 28, 2013

Coming to #TEDC13 is like coming home after a trip abroad and everyone is speaking the same language as you

— Emma Ireland (@email_emma) October 28, 2013

Amazing first day at the #TEDC13 Great speakers and topics.

— Pascal Ferrère (@pascalferrere) October 28, 2013

I enjoyed #TEDC13 so so so much today. Tomorrow will be great. Lovely to meet people I've spoken to on Twitter for two years. Night x

— Phil Singer (@philsi) October 28, 2013

So much awesome in this presentation! #TEDC13

— Nicole Merlin (@moonstrips) October 29, 2013

Nice work with #TEDC13, @litmusapp. You did a great job, from initial email (of course) right through to the conference itself.

— Kenneth Yau (@logorrhoea) October 29, 2013

A huge thanks to everyone at @litmusapp and #TEDC13 for letting me come and talk BuzzFeed this week in London. You guys are awesome.

— Dan Oshinsky (@danoshinsky) October 29, 2013

Head crammed full of great email ideas, thanks to all the speakers sharing your knowledge. @litmusapp #TEDC13

— Lee Leckenby (@amzer24) October 29, 2013

Exciting, insightful, useful two days at @litmusapp 's #TEDC13 . Great people, interesting talks.

— Phil Singer (@philsi) October 29, 2013

Had an awesome time @ #TEDC13, I'm going to be a busy bee implementing everything I've learnt, a massive thanks to everyone involved

— Rachael Rossiter (@RachRossiter) October 29, 2013

Had an awesome time at #tedc13 with @botverse. It was great to meet @fionny, @omgitsonlyalex, @yarrcat, @iamelliot and everyone else. :-)

— Kavan Webb (@Pure360Kav) October 29, 2013

Had an awesome time at #tedc13 with @botverse. It was great to meet @fionny, @omgitsonlyalex, @yarrcat, @iamelliot and everyone else. :-)

— Kavan Webb (@Pure360Kav) October 29, 2013

@litmusapp thanks for a great couple of days. I left feeling a lot more opened eyed! #TEDC13

— mike borrett (@milkybozzratt) October 29, 2013

Back home from #TEDC13 It's been amazing to meet all these Emai-Geeks and to find out I'm not allone.

— Miriam Prause (@mimip_de) October 29, 2013

Good time with the @litmusapp guys down in London for #TEDC13. Bagged myself a free t shirt too 😎

— Jonathan Munton (@jonnymunton) October 29, 2013

@litmusapp Thanks to all at #TEDC13 for a great two day event on everything email design! Great speakers and gathered some great insight.

— Knit (@weareknit) October 30, 2013