Thanks for coming to The Email Design Conference Boston.
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Thank you @litmusapp for a fantastic #TEDC13 I dreamed of responsive design last night! #ILoveEmail

— Veronica Williams (@veronicaw) November 23, 2013

@ChristophLester So glad you could join us! We can't wait to see what you do with your takeaways :) ^JJ

— Litmus (@litmusapp) November 25, 2013

warm fuzzies all around about the first email design conference. thanks @litmusapp! #tedc13

— Lydia Roberts (@lydiaroberts) November 22, 2013

@tinaburnell @litmusapp So awesome! Thanks for capturing the moment :)

— Justine Jordan (@meladorri) November 22, 2013

@ThomasGrimes @GregRDill Thank you! So happy to hear that you're both enjoying #TEDC13 :) Thanks for joining us! ^LS

— Litmus (@litmusapp) November 22, 2013

I've absorbed so much email info today, my brain is now suffering from a Comcast block; nothing else getting through #bademailjokes #TEDC13

— John Brissette Jr. (@pixeltip) November 21, 2013

Meeting people who actually speak email geek is the best part of this conference for me so far. #TEDC13

— Andrea Tripp (@andreatripps) November 21, 2013

@bethlauren22 damn, why didn't I think of that? #badgeswag

— EightballArt (@EightballArt) November 22, 2013

A few hundred #email design geeks in one room. Dangerous. #tedc13 @litmusapp @loyaltydriver

— John Brissette Jr. (@pixeltip) November 21, 2013

Getting schooled on emails all day today. #TEDC13

— Bill Biwer (@billbiwer) November 21, 2013

So inspired from #TEDC13 that I'm working on my code over the weekend. #ImNotTheOnlyPersonWhoDoesEmailDesign

— Christopher Heylin (@Chrisheylin) November 23, 2013

When you realise today is the final leg of #TEDC13 #EmailReactions CC: @LitmusApp

— Email Reactions (@EmailReactions) November 22, 2013