I'm putting together a job req for someone who both designs and codes email, and has both some graphic design and/or marketing know how, and coding experience (hopefully both with emails and also some modern web coding and/or some engineering experience.

While I realise that this is a tall order, I know they exist (because I am one!) I'm willing to drop off the coding/designing email if they can code/design websites and learn to do email - but they definitely will be doing a lot of email, as well as a smattering of many other skills.

What do you think is an appropriate job title? The reason I ask is because I have -always- had a tossed together title; from 'Junior Designer' (who codes) to 'Marketing Web Designer' to 'UI/UX Designer/Developer' (so many slashes!)

Currently I am leaning towards Email & Creative Services Lead for myself, but what job title would have caught your eye? What's your job title now? Etc!

Thanks very much!