Good morning Litmus.

I am having a problem with some files that I have created as HTML templates for Outlook 2007 on the PC.

My problem surrounds the fact that the web links are failing when the file is sent. They fail to be selectable at all when recieved within Outlook 2007, and when received in Mac Mail, they only have Apple’s QuickView feature available (small pulldown arrow on right of link). I have used these same methods for the creation of HTML email signatures which works correctly when sent to either PC or Mac. I have used these signatures at the bottom of the email templates, and the links in the signatures still work correctly without a problem, but fail within the template (zone) of the email. I have attached links to a version of one of the templates, and one of the signatures for you to inspect the HTML if you need to.

I would also appreciate your input about the web links being underlined and Apple's QuickView feature being shown when received on Mac Mail. My CSS is all inline and uses what I believe to be the correct command within the < a > tag: text-decoration: none. Although my priority is getting the web links to work, if you also could shed any light on this problem too it would be greatly appreciated.

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