A few months ago I made a post announcing an HTML Email Hacks Github repository based on Jason Rodriguez's wonderful blog post and it's complimentary discussion to host all of the hacks, tips, and tricks this wonderful community has contributed. This project was meant as a "thank you" to all of the work the members of this community have done. Their contributions have helped me countless times and I'm sure many of you as well.

The repository as it was, however, was certainly lacking and so it was suggested that the repo be made into a website to increase functionality and make things much more user-friendly. Since Jekyll makes it so easy to create a robust Github Page I gladly undertook to create such a site. And so...

I present the HTML Email Hacks Repository Beta!

Since this is such a community-based project I encourage anyone who has a hack, tip or trick to hit the "Contribute" button and submit it as an issue. Also, since this is a Github Page, I highly encourage you to request a pull and contribute your development skills, design talents, or ui expertise to make this site as functional, elegant, and helpful as possible. If you don't wish to make a Github account you can simply post here with any suggestions, hacks, issues with the site, or thoughts.

We may feel frustration at the lack of email standards but from this lack of standards we've created something truly unique: a strong community, driven by passion, continually solving problems, laughing in the face of Word rendering, and always willing to help those who need it. Let's see what this community can do!