Hi All!

Have any of you been able to address the ongoing issues with the Samsung Email Client (red)? Here are a few links for reference:

Essentially, the preferred method of stacking content using display: block does not work. The folks over at Silverpop offer a suggestion/hack using [mso] conditionals and additional wrapping tables, but this disallows the use of any "alternative" stacking (read left-over-right). Additionally, the code becomes clunky and inelegant, at best.

The Samsung market share seems to have a pretty decent chunk of the larger Android market share; this will have a significant impact on my recommendations, moving forward.

I guess my questions are:
What would your suggestion be?
Would you abandon responsive support for Samsung devices? Theoretically, it may be possible to target/exclude them with a media query...
Would you integrate the hacks into your code?

Thanks in advance for your input; I'll certainly look forward to your answers and further discussion.

Very Best,