Hello, I need to reduce the size of my header text on mobile, so I added this style:

          font-size:16px !important;
          line-height:21px !important;

I then add class="headertext" to my td tag and it works perfectly. However I now need a hyperlink on the header text and this is stopping the CSS rule working. Here is the code in the body with the hyperlink:

<tr><td valign="top" style="font-size:40px;line-height:45px;font-family:Futura,'century gothic',Helvetica,Sans-Serif;color:#000001;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;letter-spacing:-2px;" class="headertext"><a href="#" style="font-size:40px;line-height:45px;font-family:Futura,'century gothic',Helvetica,Sans-Serif;color:#000001;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;letter-spacing:-2px;">My Header Text Here</a></td></tr>

The class does not work if I place it in the <a> tag.

Does anyone know how to make the <a> tag either not show for mobile? Or to make the style in the <a> tag change to match the style in class="headertext"?

Thank you