I am integrating a header logo into my email, the URL is static, but it fetches the updated logo from s3 and returns that image using the pre-signed URL. This approach works fine in actual email clients and renders the logo without any issues. But when I try to open the same email in litmus, the header logo looks broken in all the preview tabs. Why is it happening?

Is it because the URL I added in the email redirects to another URL and is not captured by litmus?

For example:
static URL, which is embedded in the email: https://my-application/logo/team-a
this static URL will fetch the latest image from the server and redirect to the actual image URL

https://my-application/logo/team-a -> **redirect to ** https://my-application/assets/team-a-logo.jpg

But in litmus previews, the header logo displays as a broken image. Is there any workaround for this issue?