Hey guys,

so for an email template i have created two interactive elements that are based on the same code and really only differ in style.
These are boxes with expandable text that show when the user clicks an input field.

This does not work in Yahoo and AOL which is fine but my problem is the "fallback" shows different results.
In the first box the text will be expanded but in the second box (and ive tried copying multiple boxes after - same results) the text is kept hidden and therefore lost on Yahoo and AOL users.

I've figured that Yahoo renames the classes for some reason (eg "showBox" becomes "yiv2295535647showBox") but can't figure out why the first box gets display:block as if checked and all the other boxes get display:none as if not checked.

Anyone have an idea what i can look for to fix this?
I've tried several css queries targeting Yahoo to force a display: block but none would work.

Thanks for any advice