Hello there!
In our team we've been wondering how iOS15 Update would affect our countdowns, as they as GIF images that get updated at the time the user opens the email(We use motionmailapp).
Given that iOS15 is now downloading images somewhere in between the send and the open (we still don't understand when exactly) we suspected that countdowns wouldn't update properly.
We made some tests and on the first open, the time was correct, but in later opens it was not updated and it showed the original GIF image.

Now we are looking for a solution for that. Even if it is not showing the countdown fot iOS of the way to force the update of the image. So... has anyone here face the same problem? Any ideas on how to:
A) Target only iOS to show a fallback
B) Force iOS to show an updated countdown.

Black Friday is around the corner and COUNTDOWNS ARE GOING TO BE IN ALMOST EVERY EMAIL WE SEND!!!!