So I have a row of 5 images, set to 20% width on desktop and 33% on mobile and they wrap on mobile like this...

Mobile view - wrapping

When the email lands in the inbox on Gmail app on iOS all is fine, looks good, acts as is should.

If I add in too much content, push the email over the 102kb clipping limit, initially the design is still good.
But when I click on the 'View entire message' the email load in the gmail 'viewer'? and it is displaying them stacked and centrally aligned, but the rest of the email is displaying like desktop.

Stacked view on gmail iOS

It feels like it's zoomed out and got a fixed viewport width but I have no idea how to taget or this.

I know that just making the email content short enough to not get clipped will stop this happening but as a dev I cant guarantee that so I'm trying to cover all bases here.