Since 2016, my company has been utilizing Foundation for Emails 2.0. It has worked really well for us. However there has been little to none improvements in the code base for 2-3 years. Our emails are inlined so they are responsive. However doing this has always added a lot of bloat to our code. The majority of emails that we send out are image heavy with the exception of our drip campaigns that utilize live / dynamic text (as opposed to text baked into image).

Foundation has been great as we use the built in inliner to generate our final output, but it has lots of bloat. That precious 103KB before the email is clippsed has always been a problem because of inlining all the code. We can use the layouts to pull in variants in headers and footers depending the campaign and it's very easy to use.

We have been very reliant on our framework, but there is little support for Dark Mode (as we are seeing that more and more prevalent). As we look to update our framework to account for new technologies and trends, I was curious what everyone else is doing? Are you writing emails from scratch? Is there a framework that you like? Pros and Cons? Any information would be greatly appreciated.