Hey guys,

I am putting together Welcome programme and the first email seems to be ending up in my Gmail spam folder for some reason and I fear it might happen elsewhere.

Here is the email itself: https://litmus.com/pub/16a6a4c
And here is the code separately: http://www.snipsave.com/user/profile/balintsipos#9637

Some more details:

Sender name: Edward Barrow, idio
Sender email: barrow.edward@idioplatform.com

Subject line: How to improve Lead-to-Prospect Conversion with Content Marketing

It is being delivered from Pardot with a shared but supposedly whitelisted IP address. The sender reputation of that IP seems pretty good, at least according to http://multirbl.valli.org/.

Is there any idea what would cause this email being sent to spam?

There is a fairly large image on the top but it is still not huge, and I haven't seen problems with images in Gmail anyways before. The email otherwise not image heavy, has the right tags, alt texts are there, no funny links, no hidden elements etc.

Please let me know if you have any ideas?
Thanks everyone in advance

ps. I will try putting a pre-header on the top indicating that they should add the email address to their contact list to rule out any future issues.