I used to make a lot of email marketing in the early 2010's. At that time the rules were simple, table table table, want to do anything use table, use table as spacing, ban paragraphs, div, etc. I usually managed to get pixel-perfect with pretty complex layouts on Outlook, Thunderbird was never an issue, neither was gmail, mobiles with fixed viewport worked well enough, they wern't such a big thing back then for companies anyway.

Now i have to do a small formated piece for my new company which still uses Outlook 2010, it works well on Outlook (altough font is replaced) and Thunderbird, but Android just displays me black text and doesn't scale images, iOS completly ignores images and most font styling.

I know that nowadays things have evolved and you can use responsive CSS in emails, but i'm not sure that i could work with a tabled layout. Plus i havn't been doing email marketing since and am pretty much unaware of modern techniques. Are there solutions or am i doomed to chose between supporting either modern or prehistoric viewvers?

Here's my HTML file: