Hey! Myself and a collegue have noticed some potential new things with Office 365. There used to be a load of issues with 365 from text to images. These are some issues we had in the past.

Body/table background images not rendering
Text-transform not rendering
a tags automatically being blue unless certain elements were used
Text-decoration being ignored and underlined anyway
div style="height: #px" required around images to stop automatic margins
td's minimum height of 20px

These issues were in incredibly frustrating as links would be underlined and backgrounds wouldn't show. These two in particular caused many a headache with clients and testing.

However during recent testing... we realised that our emails have backgrounds... oh? Okay... What did we do different this time? Nothing. Huh. Then on an old email campaign we noticed a 2px tall TD with solid colour (used as a divider) was no longer jumping to 20px height... Huh.

We've tested most of the issues above and well... They all seem to work absolutely fine with no work arounds needed!

Just thought I'd give a heads up that Microsoft seems to have listened and fixed some of these issues!