I'm currently coming across an (inconsistent) issue with Outlook 2013 (desktop version).

For most of my code, Outlook is pulling in the mobile version, however for image only modules, it pulls in the desktop version, but this is inconsistent. I have launched campaigns that display the mobile version and launch a second one minutes later with the same code that shows a mix of mobile and desktop.

The problem is that emails that look very wonky as the image are full size and the copy modules are mobile size. Mobile Version
vs Mobile_Desktop_Mix

I know Outlook is temperamental, unfortunately most of my stake holders use Outlook to view emails. I've resorted to sending a live link to the email campaigns for approval, but obviously when they land in the inbox, they look bad.

Luckily, only a very small proportion of our customer base uses Outlook but some stakeholders are not convinced (despite showing hem the Litmus reports that clearly prove this).

Has anyone come across this problem? Has anyone been able to fix this?
Any help would be appreciated!