There's been a big debate going on between myself and several of my colleagues as to whether or not we should be wrapping every bit of text and any images within an email with anchor tags that link somewhere..

I hear a lot of arguments FOR making everything a link, with one or two people claiming that it helps accessibility (not sure how that's supposed to work, but ok - I'd love to know if I'm wrong I just haven't heard an explanation yet).

So I'm curious. What are your thoughts? Is it good UX, or does that get trumped by "accessibility" and if so - how is making everything in an email a clickable link supposedly more accessible for your audience?

This is my perspective on the subject:

It seems like a shady tactic to raise numbers if you ask me. If it was more accessible, why not do it on other interfaces like landing pages? To me it feels untrustworthy and it seems like a good idea to not piss off your users by tricking them into clicking things. I know that providing users with a pleasant experience can, and often does instantly differentiate you from the plethora of companies out there who simply don't give a crap. It's especially important in authoritative/informational emails so that users can highlight text easily without getting frustrated, but I also think it's appropriate to be sure that users are only opening links if they intend to in any other email so that people with poor hand coordination don't feel like they're accidentally opening links every time they receive something from you..