I'm relatively new to the email development scene, originally coming from front-end web development. So far, I have been creating all the emails by hand and have created my own boilerplate layouts and components.

However, I feel like the email development world is missing a good, solid email development framework. Coming from web development using React, Vue, and TailwindCSS to email development where everything is written by hand, it just feels off.

A lot of what I currently do is copy and pasting layouts and components from previous emails I've created and then changing a few values and some text. But this seems inefficient and can cause issues with human error.

I've looked into MJML and Foundation for Emails, but neither of them quite do what I need

MJML is too simplistic, comes with way too many default styles, and trying to customize it or create custom components is more effort than it's worth for me. The engine also doesn't easily support loops and conditional statements for dynamic email development.

Foundation for Emails looks really powerful and I'm sure there's people out there that use it in their workflow, but I can't seem to figure out how it all connects together. I've pulled apart the example templates and can modify them, but when it comes to taking my current layouts and components and creating an email template completely from scratch, I'm completely lost.

Like my old boss said: "If there's nothing in the market that suits your needs, create your own" so in the future I may make an attempt at creating my own framework. If anything, it would be more like a simplified Vue backend for email development. But this is a project I'd be taking up in my spare time.

I was just wondering everyone else's thoughts on current frameworks and what your email development workflow is like. Is it like mine with a lot of copy and pasting, or do you have (or created) tools that make your developments faster and more efficient?