I am relatively new to the email development scene and have spent many days researching all of the quirks of email design and development.

I come from a front-end web development background using frameworks like Vue and TailwindCSS and am shocked to see so few email development frameworks arounds.

So far I have been coding everything by hand and have created my own boilerplate layouts and components that I now work from. But I'm looking to make my workflow more efficient and reduce on the amount of "copy, paste, then change some numbers/text" that I currently do.

The two main frameworks that I've noticed are MJML and Foundation for Emails and I was wondering if people in the community actually use them for professional email development.

MJML looks great for quick prototyping, but it seems too high-level for serious email development. I would also like a more robust engine that allows for simpler looping and conditional rendering.

Foundation for Emails seems really powerful, but after spending an hour pulling apart a few of their template emails, I still can't figure out how everything pieces together. I attempted to recreate one of my layouts and a few components, but I couldn't manage to do it.

I'm sure they both have their place in the email development industry, but I can't seem to fit either into my workflow. I'm considering creating my own email development framework that more resembles Vue, but this would be a massive undertaking and I don't know how long it would take.

However, I'm curious to see what your opinions are on MJML and Foundation for Emails and whether or not you use them.