Hey guys,

I am putting together new triggered (transactional) emails for the company I started working with.
I found out not long ago that the ESP (Pardot) requires an unsubscription link even in transactional emails for same weird reason.
(If these triggered messages are received regardless of the prospect opted out or not why does it require the presence of an unsubscribe link?
I don't think its logical at all and in any case by law they wouldn't need one anyway.)

Of course I don't want to show this unsubscribe link in the email but it needs to be in the code.
I thought just having it as a "font-size:0px;" text it would not show up. And it does not indeed.

However I am slightly worried that this might be viewed as a bad practise and some email clients might not like me hiding things. Do you know of any problems I might encounter later because of this?

Thanks a lot for any comments on this.