Has anyone played around with the iOS Dark Mode and the Outlook App?
We have realised that the Outlook App completely messes up our email desing. The reason seems that Microsoft does what Apple did in some of the early Betas of iOS 13: they invert the colors in the email if you are using dark mode. The inversion seems to be made by bitwise inversion on the hex code defining the color.
Neither defining the background / text color attributes on the elements nor a outlook app specific css definition can solve the issue.
I have written a simple acid test to showcase the behaviour.
The (send ready) source can be found here:
Acid test html

Here you can find a comparison of the rendering on different phones / apps in differend light/dark mode settings:
Rendering of the acid test

Outlook App Version 4.7.0 (the latest one) in iOS behaves the same.
The Outlook App specific elements are shown on the app, thus we know that the method for targeting the Outlook App works (except for colors in dark mode).

Has anyone run into the same issues and found a solution for it?