I'm trying to embed an image in an email compatible HTML file.

Instead of adding the image URL, which can pose a security threat, I'm embedding the image in the <img> tag used in the HTML file.

<img alt="" border="0" src="............">

The image which I embed seems to reduce to 80% of it's original size in Outlook. Following is a screenshot of the how the file looks in a browser :


Following is a screenshot of the how the file looks in an email client (Outlook for Office 365) :


As you can see the image seems to shrink in Outlook. The dimension are given below:

Browser : 800px X 600px
Outlook : 640px X 480px

Changed Width = 800 x 0.8 = 640px
Changed Height = 600 x 0.8 = 480px

Can someone please suggest how to fit the image in a container? And why the image is shrinking in Outlook?

You can refer this HTML file :

Thank you!