Occassionally, and on a variety of ESPs, a decimal point is removed by the recipient ESP in our statement emails. This means we tell people we charged them £1060 instead of £10.60. Which understandably makes them quite upset.

I've done everything I can to work out what's causing this, but have had no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? The only workaround I've found is replacing the dot with the HTML entit. This works most of the time, but I can't do it in every scenario.

I can see the decimal when I view the outgoing email in Mandrill, so it looks like the recipient ESP is removing it

It appears to be ESP agnostic, but definitely has a disproportionately high number of @btinternet users. We've seen it reported by people using these domains:

  • @btinternet.com
  • @gmail.com
  • @googlemail.com
  • @sky.com
  • @outlook.com
  • @hotmail.com

I can't recreate it with Litmus, by creating a @btinternet email address or by sending the specific emails that were affected to myself.

Any ideas?