Alright! I keep getting pressure and pushback from people that there should be a way for background images to show up in all email service providers and not cause any other problems. This is a wonderful dream, and I do pray that there may be a solution. Here is the closest I've gotten below (This is a recent email i've worked on.).

This solution uses a hack wrapped around each section to force all background images to render in outlook. This works but requires everything to be absolutly positioned so I have to defined how high each seciton is and how far from the top it is. This has cause other issues, such as the hack makes each seciton read as an image and because of the image height restriction in Outlook 07/10 this means if the email is taller than 1728px then it will be cut off. It causes other spacial issues as well. I've looked into other things, possibly embedding images but the support doesn't seem good enough.

Does any one have thoughts on this solution, a better work around, a way to improve? Anything! I'm getting tired of having to explain why we can't do things, or why it becomes hard and why we have to change design because of how it will have to be coded. (sorry for the mini rant).

Anything to increase my knowledge in this would be appreciated.