I've been designing and developing a new email campaign for my company the past few weeks. I've searched the work-arounds, used all my skills, cried tears of blood, and the outcome is:

  • perfect in approx. 95% of email clients
  • a few, purely-visual ticks, but otherwise good in 4.99% of email clients
  • complete disaster in one, and only one, email client

Can you guess which is the disaster?

Yes, Windows 10 Mail.

I've been scouring the web (and wasting my time) for the gymnastic fixes that will make my email look even half as good in Windows 10 Mail the way it does in EVERY OTHER client. I have searched terms such as 'The picture can't be displayed' and 'blue dots' among others.

Forget all about background images, not only are they not possible, but any regular image that happens to be on top of a background image won't display either. WTF??

The blue dots remain a mystery. And I am past caring.

As I've searched for fixes for these bugs (#majorengineeringflaws), I've found that often the first results asking for solutions are not from developers, but from users who are as frustrated as we are!

So I've decided not to enable Windows 10 Mail any further by working-around their dreadful rendering flaws. Yes, users want their email client to be safe, fast, and to weed out the junk - but they also want them to properly display the emails they choose to subscribe to.

Service design anyone? I'm talking to you Microsoft. Look it up. Then either learn and adapt - or go jump in a lake.

I really, really want to give our customers who are the unfortunate victims of Windows 10 Mail the same wonderful email experience as all the rest. But it is not worth my, or my company's, time.

And if I (we) enable them, they will never improve.

Phew, I've been so frustrated, but just writing this has helped. Thanks for reading this far. Let me know what you think. Should we as email designers/developers/marketers refuse to enable email clients who deliver sub-par service? Or will we just be shooting ourselves in the foot revenue-wise?

Or am I completely missing some real easy Windows 10 hacks? If so, please tell me, arrghh!